Trendy clothes for the season

Fashion stylists should have a genuine interest in fashion in order to succeed. They should have an eye for style and keep abreast of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Some stylists have a degree in fashion, while some just learn from experience. There are some fashion schools which offer courses in styling. Stylists should enjoy shopping. They should be detail-oriented. They should have an idea of different colors and shades, different body types and the fit of different materials. They should know what colors suit what skin tones and what material and style would enhance what body type. They should love to experiment and should have the ability to present traditional things in unusual and trendy ways. They should be able to bring out the best in their client. Over and above this, they should have excellent interpersonal skills as they are required to interact with a number of people from models to lighting technicians and photographers. They need to maintain relationships with a large group of people.

If you think it is exciting to work with models, experiment with accessories and garments and be paid to shop, think again. There is a downside to the job of a fashion stylist too. First and foremost, fashion stylists usually work freelance and there is no job security involved. Of course, once stylists prove themselves and get established in the industry, they do not have to worry about this aspect. Initially, a stylist might have to work as an apprentice for an established stylist or work for free.

Competition in the fashion industry is cut-throat and stylists have to make their own mark in order to succeed. The nature of the job entails working long and irregular hours. Working with celebrities who have a demanding schedule makes it difficult for stylists to plan for a social life or a holiday. Moreover, there are other problems like putting up with the attitude of ‘stars’ and working around their schedule.

The stylist has to go through a number of catalogues, fashion magazines and stores to be aware of the in things. In a world where trends change almost every day, this is a very hard task! In the midst of all this, the stylists themselves have to look good all the time and have a distinctive style of their own

A stylist usually has to manage his or her business independently and handle various aspects such as keeping a record of various things, handling budgets, receiving and making payments, maintaining contacts and other administrative tasks.

The work of a fashion stylist requires a lot of planning. Attention has to be paid to every minute detail. One of the biggest challenges faced by fashion stylists is building a balance between their own opinions and the client’s requirements. They should be neither too submissive nor too overbearing. They should be able to present their opinion in a way that does not offend the client.

In spite of certain shortcomings, fashion styling is an exciting career option for people who love fashion. More and more people are realizing the importance of overall image building in boosting self-confidence, which would in turn reflect on the person’s interaction with others. Thus, the number of people turning to fashion stylists is on the rise all over the world.

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Watch Trends

As well as dictating how this years watches look, the traditional trend also affects how they function. Sekonda, Police, Accurist, and Rotary are all in on the action; Automatic movements are back in fashion, and no wonder an Automatic movement eliminates the need for a battery, as the watch is powered by the movements of the wearers arm. This seasons Guess collection will feature timepieces with a fly-back movement. For a real touch of old-world appeal, try Citizens minute-repeater watch which chimes to audibly mark the time.

Watch houses have wholeheartedly embraced the current return to traditional values. Jewellery has seen a real renaissance in vintage styles, and this trend is now moving into the world of watches. We love the old-fashioned, country gentleman charm of the watches coming out in 2007, with individual touches like skeleton faces, so that you can see your timepiece at work try Rotary for classic styles, or get something a bit more edgey from Police. If you are really into the traditional look, you might even consider an eye-catching pocket watch.

A diamond-set watch is a fabulous accessory; half jewellery, half timepiece. Everyones getting involved, including well-respected watch houses like Accurist, Citizen and Sekonda. Sekonda is offering two diamond-set watches this season, each featuring seven genuine gemstones. H.Samuel has two exclusive collections; one is from the fashionable high street brand Oasis and the other, Rotary Rocks, is a new collection of three stunning diamond-set watches from Rotary, a brand known for its distinctive combination of traditional and modern styling. A diamond-set watch will give you the perfect combination of the unmistakable dazzle of diamonds, and the understated cool that shows you buy diamonds all the time. A diamond watch is a great gift for a friend too, and this summer theyre set to get affordable. Dont forget, that a sixtieth birthday or wedding anniversary is traditionally marked with a diamond, so this could be the prefect present.

Its not enough for a watch to just look good these days; it has to feature the latest scientific processes too. Watches this summer are shiny, metallic beauties, created by ion-plating. To achieve this, metal in a vapour is essentially fired at the watch and forms a strong layer around it. This gives a shimmering, metallic patina to the watch, transforming it from a functional piece of equipment to an individual accessory. Police is leading the way with this trend check out their striking timepieces. DKNY, Guess and Fossil are other big names with ion-plated watches in the works watch this space.

As always, your guiding style star must be what suits you. Those of us blessed with slender, willowy wrists would look fabulous in elegant jewellery-inspired pieces by chic, ultra-feminine designers like Anne Klein. Try a delicate bangle watch, or a charm bracelet from Citizen with an adorable watch trinket attached. If you have heavy wrists, make the most of it with an equally robust timepiece. In recent years, Fossil has made a name for themselves with gorgeous chunky cuff watches, with tactile, worn leather straps for both men and women. They also specialise in unusual, funky designs which tap into the current trend for vintage style.

If you ladies want to make a splash this summer, try going out wearing a gorgeous mens watch. This look has the same charm and careful carelessness as a girl in her boyfriends shirt. Brands such as Diesel and Police design fantastic watches with unisex appeal; they look stylish and sophisticated on a guy, and striking and fashionably oversized on a girl.

Red straps are huge for autumn/winter. Big or small, you need to get one of these on your wrist. These scarlet accessories are perfect to add a splash of colour to the smart monochrome outfits that are bang on trend this season. DKNY, as usual, are right at the front of this trend and remember that red straps are big news for both men and women. As usual, you can count on Oasis to be right at the cutting edge, with eye-catching red straps available at affordable prices.

Gold-plated watches just arent good enough any more. Its got to be pure, solid gold. There are three major brands in this area right now Accurist, Rotary and the specialist Sovereign. Again, these are perfect gifts treat someone special to a gold watch if you want to impress with understated style and remember that a fiftieth wedding anniversary is Golden, so why not mark the occasion with something special?

HIRSCH Artisanal leather watch bands are handcrafted - one by one, in a process consisting of more than 60 steps. Fine reptile leathers are punched, seams are sewn, varnish is carefully applied. The Classic Collection offers unique leather watch bracelets made in HIRSCH Rembordier Technology. All leather watchbands are Sauna-Tested and Water-Resistant. Some watch straps in the collection are even 100m Water-Resistant and are provided with the HIRSCH No Allergy System. The designs in the Bijou Series constist of matte or shiny metals, classical forms, elegant showpieces or modern combinations of different materials. The HIRSCH Sparetube System allows to adjust the bracelet to the individual size. The Solo Collection stands for functional watch straps, clear forms and innovative materials proving that a sporty design is compatible with complete wearer comfort.

what celebrities and other fashionable people will be wearing this spring, plus trends to avoid

Although temperatures dipped below freezing in parts of the country today, a peek in stores and on websites nationwide revealed that spring is definitely in the air. It’s also most definitely on the minds of fashionable people everywhere, so start thinking about what looks are hot for spring and which ones will work for you. Whether you’re revamping your entire wardrobe or just reviving it with a few key pieces, here are the top trends that celebs, models and other A-listers are sporting this spring…plus a few trends that are so over you must avoid them at any cost.

• Wide-leg jeans.

After all the hoopla over the skin tight skinny styles, models and celebs like Halle Barry, Regina King, Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss are sporting a wider-legged style this spring. The trick to rocking this look is to find the perfect pair: no baggy bottoms or short hems. Balance the wide leg with a fitted top or cropped jacket, and finish with wedges or flats to add length and height. Levi’s, Forever 21 and Habitual make great wide-leg jeans, and Gap does a cool wide-leg khaki pant called the boyfriend trouser.

• Clutch purses.

Ditch your oversize tote for now. This spring—especially when dresses are billowy and pants are wide—it’s all about balancing your look with a sleek and simple clutch. Kate Spade makes a great natural-looking bag with a beach feel, or you can go modern with silver metallic, or ultra hip with yellow, like the yellow clutch from Steve Madden’s spring line. For a more classic look that will stand the test of time, choose brown or white leather; BCBG Max Azria, Stuart Weitzman, Lanvin, Jil Sander, Jimmy Choo and Kenneth Cole make great classic clutches.

• Bright yellow.

Make like Reese Witherspoon post-Ryan and glow in a bright yellow dress (hers was by Nina Ricci). The look isn’t muted mustard or warm sunshine but rather a glorious ultra-bright lemon. Pick one fantastic piece such as a dress—French Connection, Calvin Klein, Bebe and Diane von Furstenberg make to-die-for yellow frocks—or choose a blouse or wide-leg trousers. Allover bright too much for you? Go for a subtler look with yellow accessories—choose a simple yellow clutch or bag—Prada makes a great one—a wide belt, pumps, wedges or cute flats (like the ones BCBG Girls and Guess make). Speaking of flats…

• They may not do as much for your leg as pointy boots, but flats are all the rage this spring. (Kate Bosworth loves her gold Chanel ballet flats and often pairs them with skinny jeans.) Pick up a pair or two to pair with your own skinny jeans, a miniskirt, or one of the season’s hot minidresses. Tod’s, Lacoste, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Manolo Blahnik and Ann Taylor Loft all make gorgeous flats. For an ultra modern look, choose bright red like Katie Holmes, lemon yellow or spring’s other shocking color: cobalt.

• Platform wedges.

Whether wooden, rope or cork, platform wedges are hot for spring. Add height and style with wedges from Nine West, Nanette Lepore, Malo, Chanel, Brian Atwood, Rafe, Payless, Banana Republic, Stuart Weitzman or Tory Burch. Wear with skirts, dresses or capris to show them off—never hide them under long pants. What’s the point of having cool shoes if no one can see them?

• Minidresses.

Superfit celebs like Mischa Barton, Paz Vega, Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are all fans of the minidress. But you don’t have to be a waif to pull off the look: Curvy girls like Jennifer Hudson rock the style too. Choose something simple and flowy—not tight—and keep jewelry simple. Just above the knee looks best if you’re curvy; go a bit shorter if your legs are toned. Versace, Chloe, Marc, and Liz McClean all showcased great takes on the mini for spring. For an ultra girly look, look for frocks with rosettes; whether on the hem or neckline, these feminine, flowery touches are all the rage this year.

• Layers of pastel pearls.

The layered necklace look is so hot—as are pearls, especially freshwater pearls in complexion-flattering lavender. Gorgeous">pink pearl jewelry is extremely popular too. To get the layered look, pair a waist-length gold or silver chain or two with a shorter strand of freshwater pearls, and then add a pearl choker or oversize beaded choker. Use the layered technique to punch up tees, cropped jackets, and button down shirts. American and Moon River are two great sites to try.

Also in for Spring:

• Bright red nails (keep them short)
• Polka dots and stripes (do NOT choose patterns that overwhelm, especially if you’re petite)
• Skinny jeans (yes, they’re still hot)
• Cuffs, especially silver, Lucite and shell
• Silver metallics: Dresses, shoes, sunglasses, belts, bags…choose one standout silver piece for spring (think Sandra Bullock on the cover of March’s InStyle) and you’ll be good to go. Michael Kors makes a great metallic bag if you don’t want to buy a metallic dress. Or, rock the look for less of an investment with silver metallic eyeshadow.

Lose it: Now that you know what to wear, here are a few tired trends you absolutely must avoid:

• French pedicures. This look is so over. Instead, show off cared-for feet with yummy pastel polish, berry colors or, if you’ve got naturally dark or self-tanned skin, orange hues. Forego polish? No problem, just dab some olive oil on your toes. You’ll be amazed how great they look.

• Extreme low rise jeans. We don’t want to see your thong, muffin top, or any other sign of indecency. Pull up your pants, girlfriend!

• Big, slouchy bags. This spring, bags are all about minimalist chic. Ditch your oversize tote and lighten up by carting only the essentials in a sleek clutch.

• Toy dogs wearing designer jewelry as accessories. Get real. Leave the dogs where they belong—romping around the backyard. And please skip the tiny toys. Big, sloppy mutts are much cooler, and generally healthier.

• Shaved heads: Do not emulate Britney on this or any other style for that matter. The girl has lost it.
• Lower back tattoos: If you want your tat hidden, don’t bother to get one.
• Long, puffy quilted jackets: The Michelen man look was never hot.
• Belly shirts: Put them away!
• Uggs/Crocs/Birkenstocks: No matter how comfortable they are, the time for these horrifically ugly shoes has passed.

In conclusion, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you can only be fashionable if you choose to incorporate everything this article suggests. Remember, trends come and go. Pick a few pieces that work for you (I chose wide-leg trousers, flats and pink pearls) and make spring 2007 your season to shine.

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A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America’s Graduate Pearls program, Amy Drescher is a fashion and lifestyle writer and accessories buyer for . She welcomes your questions. Reach her at

Wedding Gowns

Since the Queen Victoria wedding in 1840, however, the white is remained the traditional color for dresses and bouquets of marriage. A woman then used her dress for the presentation of court after marriage, usually with a different blouse. It was allowed color of traditional dress of marriage, but the dresses of marriage were not always white.

The marriage of the Victoria Queen to her Albert cousin of Saxony Cobourg in 1840 had more influence on marriages than very other. The Victoria Queen put moving the wheels by the marriage in the white. Although the bride continued with wed in dresses of various colors, the white was now placed while the color of the choice for marriages and continued since. In Book de Godey of Madam, 1849, this report/ratio was printed: the "habit decided, of the ages youngest, that the white is the suitable majority of tonality, that which can be the material.

It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of the girlhood, and unsullied the heart which it now reports to selected." There is an old poetry about the way in which the color of your dress of marriage will influence your future: "married in the white, will have chosen you well. Married in the gray, you will leave far. Married in the black, you will wish yourselves back. Married in the red, you will wish yourselves deaths. Married in blue, you will be always true. Married in pearl, you will live in a gyratory movement. Married in green, ashamed to be seen, married in yellow, to be ashamed of the comrade. Married in the brown one, you will live out of the city. Married in the pink, your spirits will go down."

The white is always the higher favorite for dresses of marriage by exclusive range of wedding dress in the traditional white color. What have the the sublime quality conceived by Andy of originator of seam which believes that less are more, these wedding dresses are made as a part of of art which they are white very light and other nuances of white color was employed to however give him the traditional contact they are modern. The dresses of marriage were not always refined, as many are today.

At the eighteenth century, the poor bride got dressed in simple evening gowns. This symbolized with her husband-to-be whom it introduced with nothing with it into the marriage and would thus not charge of any debt. It did not take place until the semi nineteenth century which wraps it all-white marriage became ala mode. To the top up to that point of a bride simply her best dress carried, independently of its color. In 1840, the pure white dress of the Victoria Queen began the tendency that many women follow today.

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Bishara Hazboun Writes about : Wedding Gowns

What to wear for a holiday party

It would not be appropriate to wear real party attire. Try a nice skirt suit or pretty tailored dress (maybe even red!). Something a bit nicer than what you typically wear to the office so it feels and looks a bit special but a few notches down from a true party dress.

What to wear for a holiday party
One of the suggestions is wearing either a jewel toned dress (burgundy, purple, etc) with black tights and heels. OR if you are uncomfortable in a dress, go for a simple a-line black skirt with a jewel toned top. There are some great silky ones out right now, and again you can wear this with black tights and heels. Wearing a shorter skirt makes you look slimmer, but you can go as long as knee-length depending on what you are comfortable in.

What to wear for a Broadway show
Is recommended your best semi-formal clothing. If you wear pants, make sure they are wide-legged and drapery (like palazzo pants) made of a high-quality material and paired with a lovely, pretty blouse that has formal details. Think of what you might wear to an evening wedding and you'll be on the right track. Go with a skirt or dress. Choose shapes and lengths that really flatter your body.

What to wear for a first date
For a dressy play and dinner, try to go with a simple black pencil skirt. It is perfect for basically every occasion and you won't look overdone, or too casual. Some black peep-toe heels would look great with this, or even a strappy shoe. Shirt-wise, there are so many options; whole belted shirt, a brighter shirt since the skirt and shoes would be black. A nice plum color would be great and it's really big right now. A nice voluminous shirt like this would look cute too. For the more casual date, try a nice pair of dark-wash jeans with heels or a nice pair of ballet flats. A nice bold sweater would go well with it. You could add some nice bold silver jewelry to pull it all together. If a sweater seems too hot, go for a fitted 3/4 length top instead. The cropped jacket sounds cute, as does the velvet peacoat.

What to wear to a wedding party for a young girl
Go with a nice pair of pants and a great top. Make the top your focus. Find something with a beautiful color or print and a great material like silk, cashmere or velvet. Then dress it up with pretty jewelry! Vintage or delicate jewelry will be best for a wedding. If you need something to keep you warm besides the shirt, consider investing in a lovely shawl or Irish walking cloak. Buy it in the best material you can afford and a color that looks great with your hair and eyes. Elegance is the key for such an occasion!

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Victor Epand is an expert fashion consultant at . Visit us when you want the best prices, styles, fashions, and fits of all types of lingerie. We carry a super selection of everyday, as well as bridal and specialty items.

Kids Fashion trends

Carrying fashion trends is not as easy as you think, and some people make a complete fool out of themselves because they do not know how to carry-out such trends. The most popular trendsetters are celebrities and movie stars who are seen in various media outlets. But in the end, it is the public who decides which is trendy and which is not.The world changes, progresses and grows every day, although at a different rate most of the time. But fashion is here to stay, and it changes along with other things. After all, change is the only permanent thing in this world.Fashion designers and trendsetters focus on originality, beauty, and ideals. It is one way of expressing yourself because it is a reflection of your mentality, cultural providence, feelings, and personality.Fashion trends are regarded as an art in pragmatic form, because it is a combination of aesthetics and practicality. It is usually influenced by many social and cultural factors, and each generation has its own distinct fashion characteristics or traits.Before, fashion fever involved only the adults, but today’s modern world has greatly changed. Even children are already in line with fashion trends.The fashion industry now caters to children’s designer clothing. Young children can now enjoy a varied and extensive range of fashion clothes, which helps them to set a fashion trend of their own.Even very young children have their own preferences, and many fashion designers are now focusing on babies and children’s wear. You can now find colorful, original, ingenious, stimulating, and appealing clothes for both the girls and the boys. You can now find superhero costumes and outfits, as well as accessorized girls dresses.Children of todays times are inclined towards aesthetics, originality, and beauty. Clothing stores for children provide a wide range of clothing choices for boys and girls; and so your little one is taught to choose a particular fashion trend at a very early age.Clothing lines today are equally attractive as children’s toys. There is an increasing awareness among children about the value of wearing fashionable clothes.Unlike before, children’s clothes are more affordable and this is due to emerging discount shops, import of clothes, and equal merchandise distribution between clothing stores and supermarkets.Another contributor to the reduction of children’s clothes prices is the increasing number of online stores. Most online stores offer high quality clothing articles at a much cheaper price. You can choose from among a wide variety of designer clothes and other cost cutting alternatives.Online stores, and local clothing stores, offer boys suits, shirts, trousers and girls dresses and capes. They also offer unisex items, along with children’s accessories like bow ties, booties, and shoes.If you want to save a lot of effort and time, you can make an online purchase. All you need is an Internet connection and you can choose from among the many websites that sells children’s clothing.But if you want to do a little shopping together with your kids, there are also many local stores in your area. Let your child choose among the magnificent displays of clothing line-ups. Your Childs creativity and aesthetic sense will reflect his or her choice of clothes.Do not let your child be left behind; give them the opportunity to keep up with fashion trends. Let them choose clothes which they feel are comfortable to wear and makes them look great.

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Chinese dress through the ages

Each dynasty in China had its own memorable culture. The many facets of color and design that emerged during a dynasty's reign were marvelous and made every aspect of Chinese culture, including their wearing apparel, which were highly acclaimed works of art.
The costumes of ancient China were emblems of Chinese tradition, as well as an essential element in the history and culture of each dynasty. The costumes maintained an important place in Chinese culture for more than three thousand years. The culture of China is ancient and well established, brilliant and resplendent. The costumes are likewise magnificent and colorful. There were many dynasties throughout China's history, each having its own unique style of dress. And each style would change or disappear as its dynasty changed, declined, or was replaced.
With the advent of each new dynasty and the progression of time, costumes were revolutionized. The style was classical and conservative in the Qin and Han dynasties, luxurious and glamorous in the Tang dynasty, delicate and exquisite in the Song dynasty, graceful and magnificent in the Ming dynasty, and very intricate in the Qing dynasty.

Qin and Han Dynasties
During the Qin and Han dynasties, changes in the style of dress were dramatic. The Emperor Qin, who was influenced by the concept of Yin and Yang as well as the theory of the Five Elements, believed that the Qin dynasty would subdue the Zhou dynasty like water extinguishes fire. Therefore, because the Zhou dynasty was "fire superior to gold, its color being red," the favorite color of the Qin dynasty was black, since the color black was associated with water. Thus, in the Qin dynasty, black was the superior color to symbolize the power of water, so clothing and adornments were all of the color black.

The Tang Dynasty
The Tang dynasty was the most thriving, prosperous, splendid, and glorious period of ancient Chinese culture and art. The style of women's clothing during the Tang dynasty is the most outstanding in China's history. Tang dynasty attire had many different styles, and was ever changing, which enabled the look of the Tang dynasty style to remain elegant, noble and poised, and forever unique and amazing. The costumes of the Tang dynasty are like exotic flowers in Chinese history. The quality of the material was particularly fine and delicate, and the decorations lustrous.

The Song Dynasty
Song Dynasty clothing can be divided into three categories of style. One was designed for the empress, the noble concubines, and females of all levels of "government uses"; another style called "formal clothes" was for ordinary people; and one style was casual for daily use.

The Yuan Dynasty
In the Yuan dynasty, "Zhi Sun dresses" were popular. All government officials wore them to attend feasts inside the palace. Musicians and bodyguards also wore them. This kind of clothing was worn by all classes of people, and could be made from materials of varying weight and quality.

The Ming Dynasty
The Ming Dynasty female upper clothes were three collars with narrow sleeves. The body height was over three feet, revealing the skirt only two to three inches, the so-called "Flower hat, skirt clothes with big sleeves and round collars". The skirt installs often used light colored fabrics in early Ming Dynasty. Pleated skirts were extremely popular. The Ming dynasty also had one special kind of cape. Because of its beautiful shape, it was called "pink cloud cape."

The Qing Dynasty
Manchurian-style clothing with short narrow sleeves was the popular mode of dress in the Qing dynasty. The style was slender and rectangular in form. The saddle-shaped collar was large enough to cover a person's cheeks and protect the face. The entire garment, which was not lined, was cut straight from top to bottom and did not have a waist. The box-like look of Qing dynasty clothing presented a solemn, slightly arrogant image that commanded respect. It was quite unique.

As an important part of ancient Chinese culture, ancient attire embodied the harmonious relationship between people and nature. In fact, ancient people's way of thinking--that man is an integral part of nature--was based on their faith in God and their adherence to high moral standards. And it was exactly because of their kindness and gracious morality that God bestowed wisdom and magnificence on them, enabling them to develop a glorious life style and living environment.
The costumes of the different dynasties all had their own distinctive features and appeared to have no close connection to each other. They represented the culture of the different dynasties and the wisdom that humans were endowed with during the different time periods. The attire of each dynasty vividly reflected and represented the life style, social status, ideology, and mentality of that time. This could be a result of the different characteristics that each dynasty possessed, as people of different dynasties came from different heavenly kingdoms.
While pondering these beautiful, fascinating wardrobes of the ancients, one feels a part of their past, and it is easy to realize the broad and profound inner nature of Chinese people.

About the author:
Ryan Tang writes on Chinese culture. For a vivid experience on Chinese culture, watch for NTD TV's shows Chinese New Year Spectacular coming to your region in January through March 2007.

Tips for Men's clothing

So many guys have no idea how to dress, so kudos to you for taking the initiative! Being shy can be tough, but you can get yourself out of your shell a bit simply by dressing confidently.
You are 100% correct about everything fashionable not working for everyone. I don't think you should go down the "trendy" route per say. Go for classic cuts that flatter your body type. Some basics you should start with: a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans, a pair of black dress pants, tan dress pants, dark colored button-up shirts, a nice fitted sweater (NO, not the tight turtleneck ones--opt for a looser version), and some everyday shoes like brown dress boots.
When you walk into a store, look around before you do anything else. If you look at clothes and think: these aren't for me, then move on. American eagle is a great store for basics that are a little more casual. They have nice khaki pants and jeans, and a few fun buttons up shirts. Express Men's is another store I recommend. There, you will find dressier stuff, like black and tan dress pants, and some dressier tops.
Don't be afraid to ask sales people for help--that's their job and you will probably save them the boredom of standing around with nothing to do. First, look around the entire store. If you find something you might like, try it on, or ask a sales person if they think it would work well for you, and what to wear with it. They will be glad to help, I promise.
And the most important rule is to try everything on! Make sure that it fits properly before you buy it (ask a trusted friend or a salesperson).
For basic everyday wear, I always love guys in nice fitting jeans (not too short or too tight and something with a dark wash). Steer clear of really light wash Levis. They are not flattering on anyone. For dressier pants, a nice khaki pant is always good. For these, it is worth it to spend a little money because you will get more wear out of them. So they should fit really well.
You can actually find nice ones at the gap or men's express. For casual-wear, t shirts are always good. I'm a fan of the ones that have a bit of a vintage feel. Just make sure that the shirt is fitted. Most guys buy shirts way too big and the end result is that they look sloppy. It shouldn't be ridiculously skin-tight, but it should lay against the skin a bit. For dressier shirts, I LOVE express for men. I promise they aren't paying me to tell you this, but that store is great for guys.
They have really nice button up shirts for $25 and they fit really well, because they have a bit of stretch in them. They have so many different colors. Do yourself a favor and stay away from pink and purple. Not many guys can pull it off and it's too tricky. Go for a blue shirt to match your eyes. Probably any darker color would go well with your hair...dark green, burgundy, etc. So those are all the basics. Get yourself a good pair of jeans, a nice pair of khakis, a few fitted t-shirts, and a couple button down shirts and you should be good to go.

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