Drink your coffee and wear it too!

What do we do with the coffee grounds after we use it? Mostly it ends up in the landfill. How about making gorgeous outfit from recycled coffee beans?

A cup of coffee in the morning improves our mood, alertness, and gives us a mental boost. What happens to the coffee beans once its purpose is finished in the kitchen? Most of the times grounded coffee beans is thrown into the garbage, or sometimes is used as fertilizer. A new process has emerged in the fabric market, wherein, waste grounded coffee beans have witnessed a creative application in making recycled fabrics.


Adding to the craze of sustainable fabrics, a Taiwanese fabric manufacturing company weaves waste coffee grounds into fabrics. Grounded coffee beans are converted into yarn, which is woven into shirts. The squandered coffee bean powder is transformed into interlaced fibers, which is made into fabric, and is tailored into garments. Garments are manufactured in many styles of knitted, woven, and soft shell fabrics.

Soybean, the well-liked cousin of coffee beans is already under the global spotlight for its eco friendly virtues, and is being praised as vegetable cashmere. This caffeinated stuff has now entered the fabric industry, and is likely to create ripples in the global apparel market in the near future.

Two T-shirts can be made from one cup of coffee. It has the look of a typical performance sportswear. It is fast drying, and enables UV Protection. It is an environmentally friendly fabric with odor control abilities. These fabrics can be washed with clean water without using a detergent.

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