Ethical Sri Lankan Apparels

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. The country's garment industry experienced a rapid development during the 90s to become one of the nation's biggest foreign exchange revenue generators. Apparel industry in Sri Lanka adopts ethical practices supported by legislation and plays a pivotal role in the country's economic development while also improving the quality of life.

Ethical manufacturing policies of the Sri Lankan Apparel manufacturers:

The apparel industry is under continuous efforts to make Sri Lanka as a preferred sourcing destination for garments; while complying with the norms of ethical sourcing. There is an increasing awareness among the people regarding an environmentally friendly life style. International buyers are currently showing increased interest in buying from environmentally friendly apparel manufacturers.

Going green is not easy and is an expensive process. Sri Lankan enterprises are developing their capabilities to match international design standards. Solar power, employee well being, and environmental preservation are kept as their primary focus for achieving carbon neutrality. Apparel workers in Sri Lanka have adequate social and welfare benefits, are well trained, more environmentally conscious, have a good wage structure, and are satisfied with their jobs.

Global Market for Sri Lankan Apparels:

Apparel sector accounts to 95% of the total textile exports. Its apparel industry has a reputable status in the international market, and had experienced a dramatic development during the past decade. Sri Lanka's apparel export is mainly dependent on the US and the UK markets. Clothes imported into EU, and US are mainly from Sri Lankan apparel industries. Trade restrictions imposed by US and EU favors' the Sri Lankan apparel industry. As China is not able to ship out its apparels due to these restraints, customers started looking at countries like India, and Sri Lanka as an alternative.

Sri Lanka is at the global forefront of the apparel sector due to its sustainable means of production and environmentally friendly clothing. Through its campaign 'Garments without Guilt', Sri Lanka Apparel is burgeoning to the cause of ethical apparel manufacturing, and sourcing. It aims at creating an equitable society, and business that competes with integrity and respect.

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