Sales and Operations Planning for Textile & Apparel Industries

Process innovation and change are intricate always due to the complexity involved in altering the decisions, tasks, and skill sets of the people involved in the course of action. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an integrated business process which enables the organization to formalize and integrate the planning process, achieve focus, and co-ordination among all managerial functions. Updated sales plan, production plan, inventory plan, backlog, financial plan, and new product development plan are a part of S&OP. It helps the management to understand the current position of the company, anticipate the future consequences, and plan necessary actions accordingly.

This is a core business practice which is applied to conserve a margin and simultaneously satisfy the market demand. In any business, a well established S&OP process is the mark of excellence. A sales and operations plan is generally prepared on the basis on the Annual Operations Plan (AOP) which is based on sales and supply. Accordingly, an S&OP plan is solely to accomplish the AOP targets of the business. Each and every company does some form of S&OP already.

S&OP to enhance Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain in an organization is under tremendous pressure due to its increasing complexity, and supply chain volatility which makes it to face challenges that exceed those of the past. These mounting pressures make the business face difficulties in achieving the desired outcomes. Therefore, increasing number of organizations today, are opting for S&OP to align their demand plans, and achieve desired performance results. 

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