International Apparel Expo 2010 – Online trade fair with substance

Online trade fairs can be best explained as a multidimensional platform, where a company can exhibit its products and services to the international audience, get a global exposure and discerning buyers from all across the globe.

Grasping every essence of a traditional fair, these virtual counterparts often called as Virtual Trade Shows are gaining momentum and are becoming major elements in branding and marketing of companies.

The virtual trade shows have the capability to enhance marketing and efficiently marshal the company to a greater prospect of business on an international level. These online shows use rich media resources such as 3 dimensional graphics display, audio & video to reflect the feeling of ground events.

The visitors to an online event get a real time experience of visiting a ground event; they can view presentations, visit the exhibit booths, communicate with the companies and enhance their business options.
International Apparel Expo 2010 is an excellent platform for the apparel manufacturers, buying houses, and retailers will have an opportunity to establish new business networks online. Visitors, from industry will be invited, through personal invitations, press release, and banner advertisement in relevant websites and print media. 

Chinese Apparel Exports on High Growth Trajectory

Global financial crisis did not seem to have any serious impact 
on the textile and apparel industry of China.

Chinas apparel exports have hit new records during the past months. Drastic growth in the countrys economic conditions and Government support has bestowed China to become a dominant player in the global textile arena. Exports of textile and apparels from China constitute an important segment of the developed and developing economies of various countries. Internal and external markets, increasing income of the people, a positive transformation in the living standards of the people have all provided good opportunities for the industry to prosper.

Export values of textile and apparel products from the Southern coastal Guangdong Province grew by 6.3% year on year to reach USD 2.36 billion. With the changing business scenario, many foreign companies are now entering the Chinese market through global sourcing. The duty drawback is offered to offset the incidence of customs duty, service tax, and central excise duty on export items. This duty given to the Chinese apparel exporters were revised five times from 11% to 17%.

Growth Drivers:

Competitors of China believe that the reason for the success is due to the dubious practices followed. But the dragon nation has acquired a lot of legitimate advantages by its own hard work. Years of investment in high quality facilities focus on orders and keeping up with the delivery times have been the key factors for their success. Credit facilities offered by the banks, Government instructions to exporters, abolition of quotas by US, and EU on Chinese apparel imports have also supplemented their export figures.

Eva Longoria Smells Success With Falic Fashion Perfume Deal

Eva Longoria Parker is joining the celebrity perfume trend - she's landed a deal to launch her own fragrance. The Desperate Housewives star has teamed up with the Falic Fashion Group to create Eva by Eva Longoria, which is due to launch in the U.S. in the spring (10).

Longoria Parker admits she's always struggled to find a perfume to wear and was delighted to be handed the opportunity to create her own scent.

She says, "I have always been somewhat allergic to all perfumes and really wanted to create something that every woman could wear. So I decided to create my own fragrance that is light, fresh and unique. I think the scent of a woman is extremely sexy and this scent will prove that.”

The company plans to release a series of different fragrances under the Eva Longoria brand.

The actress follows in the footsteps of stars including Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker who all have their own successful perfume lines.

Falic Fashion Group

Turtle To Open four More EBOs in Orissa

The Kolkatta headquartered and Rs 750 million, Turtle Ltd is planning to open four more “Exclusive Brand Outlets’ (EBO’s) in Orissa in the next 12 months, which will take the number of EBOs to seven by 2010 in the state.

This was revealed by Amit Saha, Brand Manager, Turtle Ltd, while launching the summer collection expected to hit the stores by February-end. He said that the third EBO would be up and running in Bhubaneswar in the next six months.

We are looking for properties in scouting for properties to open EBOs in Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Balasore and expect sales to reach Rs 60 million in the current fiscal against Rs 35 million in the previous fiscal in Orissa, he said.

Concurrently, Turtle also plans to open another ‘London Bridge’ outlet in Cuttack by the end of the current fiscal which will be addition to the two other existing outlets in Bhubaneswar which were opened in June this year.

Most loved Fashion Sketches

Silver lining in US economy cheers Indian exporters

While workers in Bhilwara and Tirupur, were left to fend for themselves for a good part of the year, as textile units downed shutters in the face of shrinking orders from key Western markets, 3,000 workers in Rajastan are waiting for the opening of a new garment facility, owned by one of India’s biggest exporters, Orient Craft.

The CMD Sudhir Dhingra says “the new Bhilwara plant was necessitated by the surging demand from the US and Europe, and will produce 250,000 units a year. The company’s order book has grown 15-20% in the past few months. The coming year will keep us busy” he says.

With the global economy showing signs of recovery, consumer spending in the US firmed up in the third quarter ending September; retail sales in the country grew up. With economists predicting a escalation in the coming year. 

Kymaro proudly introduces new Kymaro Body Shaper Cami

UbuyEZ, the website to visit for the great “As Seen on TV” products, is introducing a new product to the Kymaro Body Shaper line up. The Kymaro Cami was designed to shape and mold the midsection, just like the Kymaro New Body Shaper does, but with a functional twist. The Kymaro Cami has clear straps and a lower back, allowing it to be used with tank tops, strapless tops, dresses, racer-back tanks, halter tops, and other strapless apparel.

Kymaro Body Shaper has become the body shaper of choice for women who are looking to smooth out the bumps and rolls that traditional undergarments leave behind. The Kymaro Body Shaper comes in two pieces, top and bottom, eliminating the inconvenience caused by one-piece body shapers, and the new Kymaro Cami makes the body shaper even more flexible by adding clear straps to the garment. The Kymaro Body Shaper is now available in black and nude, and the Kymaro Cami can be purchased for a $9.95 processing fee with the purchase of a Kymaro Body Shaper Top.

Offering the Kymaro Body Shaper in two pieces, with tops and bottoms, is one thing that sets the Kymaro Body Shaper apart from other body shapers on the market, and adds a level of convenience that one piece body shapers do not posses. Kymaro recognizes that people come in all shapes and sizes, and one size does not fit all, so offering the tops and bottoms separately in a range of sizes allows customers to find a better fit. It also allows more flexibility as there are times when a person only needs the top.

The Kymaro Body Shaper comes in six sizes, with a convenient sizing chart on the order page to make things even easier. If, however, a customer finds that their Kymaro Body Shaper needs to be a size bigger or smaller, all items are exchangeable, including anything that was purchased for a processing fee. The customer need only fill out the enclosed form, send back the garments to be exchanged, and Kymaro will send the new size at no extra charge. Every Kymaro Body Shaper is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee less shipping, processing, and handling. If the customer wishes to return the top for a full refund, she may keep the Kymaro Cami and bottom shapers, if she also ordered them.

Farah Zulaikha Face Of Indashio’s ‘Jet Set’

She has graced runways, red carpets, magazines, and advertisements all over the world. She is a respected young philanthropist, socialite, and international supermodel.

And now, Farah Zulaikha is the face of famed young designer and VH1 Glam God Indashio's S/S 2010 "Jet Set" Collection. 

Inspired by Farah's globe-trotting exploits, Indashio unveiled a glamorous, flashy and flamboyant collection for the jet-setting fashionista.

After having styled such hot young starlets as Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks, Indashio set his sights on Farah Zulaikha. 

The exotic beauty with her regal features and royal middle eastern bloodline to match was the perfect choice for Indashio's "Jet Set" line. 

Speaking of his latest muse in Star Bulletin, Indashio exclaimed "...she will wear anything I put her in. I feel like Bob Mackie, and she is my Cher!". 

Global Luxury Apparel Retailers Eyeing Indian Markets

The fashionista dream is alive and kicking. But it's no longer strictly elitist! With the US and Europe still grappling with recession, global luxury apparel retailers are eyeing markets like India, which has put itself firmly on the path of recovery.

Reworking their business model by focusing on affordable luxury, international majors are in talks with Indian players to target aspirational but value-conscious consumers.

While retail chain major Shoppers Stop is all set to launch Playboy brand of unisex wear, textile conglomerate S Kumars group is bringing in three international brands by the end of this fiscal.

Several high-priced international apparel brands were earlier forced to close shop due to sluggish demand. Few other brands like Jimmy Choo and Bottega Veneta changed hands from the Murjanis to Genesis Colors and Springfield in order to sustain growth.

Now, global brands are relying on Indian retailer's understanding of the local market while Indian retailers are reworking the price in accordance with preference of the consumers.

"Indian retailers, tying up with international brands, are giving them an insight of the Indian market and taking the responsibility of marketing on franchisee basis, which is being preferred by the overseas brands", says Rahul Mehta, president of Clothing Manufacturers Association.

Shoppers Stop, which had launched foreign brands like MAC, Mothercare and Austin Reed among dozen of global brands, and now plans to add about half-a-dozen international labels soon.

"We have recently introduced European jeanswear brand Mustang and will be launching Playboy apparel (Avinix Fashion) and luxury cosmetic brand Guerlain (Baccarrose)," says Govind Shrikhande, chief executive officer of Shoppers Stop. India is seen as a key growth market and is getting positive response from several international brands, added Mr Shrikhande.

The Green Clothing Craze

The idea of being green has flooded the United States and most of the western world. It was only a matter of time before this craze made it to the clothing industry as well.

Eco-friendly pants, tee-shirts, shorts, dresses, and more, you name it, they’ve made it. Some companies are out to make profit in a strong and emerging market, while others are looking to make an impact on the environment and spread awareness.

The History Of Green Clothing

Organic clothing is when the clothing is produced naturally and without waste, while also being made out of natural materials like hemp, wool, or organic cotton. Organic hemp farming originated in 28th century B.C. throughout China’s developing provinces. Chinese nomads crafted the hemp, wove it, spun it, and made sacs and clothing from it.

Once the season was over, the Chinese would collect the hemp seeds. These practices lead to the spread of the industry throughout the rest of the country. This farming technique made it to the United States around 1629 during the American Revolution.

The slave trade increased the cotton market and vice versa, spreading the popularity of the markets throughout the southern United States. Kentucky produced all different types of rope from their hemp farming operation, selling their ropes worldwide. The United States military also used organic clothing for many of their uniforms during the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century. Today, the trend to go green and organic has greatly improved the demand for organic clothing worldwide.

The Benefits Of Green Clothing

Organic cotton is exactly the same as regular cotton, the only difference is it isn’t grown with harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This is harmful for the environment, the person picking it, and the person wearing the clothes. This is an important fact because cotton provides half of the world’s fiber needs.

Cotton is normally one of the most chemically dependent crops, using 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of all harmful pesticides. That means 1/3 of a pound of chemicals could be on your cotton made t-shirt. Some companies and farms use natural pesticides, but most use nothing to maintain the vitality of the crops.

20,000 deaths occur every year in many third world countries due to harmful pesticide poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. It is much safer for workers to hand pick organic cotton because they don’t have to handle cotton exposed to harmful chemicals, that they could possibly inhale.

Where To Get Green Clothing

The only downside with organic clothing today is that it is still expensive to produce and subsequently purchase. It doesn’t have a large enough market to help bring down prices, but it is worth the extra money. The best place to go to find organic clothing is to get them on green clothing websites.

Many major retailers are starting to jump on the go green train and sell limited organic clothing, but for the most part sell conventional clothing. Walmart and Target have both picked up limited lines of green clothing to appeal to this new market, but it is still in its infancy.

Still growing and expanding, the organic clothing industry has long to go before coming a staple in every home, but until then the industry is doing its part to help with sustainability worldwide.

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Facts and Purchasing Tips Of Promotional Apparel

Custom printed apparel is a very popular way of promoting your business. Apparel is one of our basic necessities. We cannot go out into the world putting nothing on right? Similarly, a marketing strategy is not accomplished without promotional apparel. They really do give you big publicity points.

It is attested that the early men and women who roamed the earth used leaves, grass, fur and leather as dressing materials. They basically just covered in it their body to guard themselves from the elements. It is not yet established when humans first began wearing clothes but scientists formulated that it was probably during the time when people moved from Africa to other parts of the world. It is substantial to note, nevertheless, that style, appearance, and form of clothes are grounded on many factors like gender, race, religion and social status. Apparel is another term for attire.

Right now, humans wear a collection of apparel. Men don polo shirts, slacks, pants and shorts. Women usually put on dresses, skirts, blouses as polo shirts as well. Children wear essentially similar items but may contrast in style and size. Wholesale Logo Clothing Embroidered may also encompass sweat shirts, jacket, and even windbreakers. Accents like footwear, scarves, towels, and caps may also be recognized as apparel.

The profits of giving away custom printed apparel are:

1. Wide Audience Reach – Given the array of items, promotional apparel will surely capture a lot of people’s attention because everyone can don them. Just envision a well-designed promotional apparel, say a T-shirt for example, worn by most men and women in your own town or city. The rate of promotion of your company will rise big time.

2. Variety in Styles – Logo apparel come in different styles that range from formal to casual. You are therefore given the authority to choose which kind or style best fits you.

3. Ease and Comfort – Most promotional apparel are easy to use, clean and preserve. They’re also comfortable to wear.

4. Print-ability – One of clothing items’ best qualities is that they are ideal for printing and embroidery. You may pick which method works for you best and execute it to your logo apparel.

5. Durability – They are created to last. You can be sure that your customers and clients will be able to revel in its benefits for a long time which also means longer publicity time for you!

Are you now thrilled to get your own set of customized apparel? Read these tips first:

1. Outline Your Budget – It is always best to design up a budget plan first before you decide on any business deal. Know how much you can give on promotional items so you don’t go overboard.

2. Examine the Weather – Before you get a whole batch of shirts or jackets printed try to analyze first what time of the year you plan on giving away these items? Will it be along the winter or summer season? If it’s for the crisp season you might want to purchase long sleeved shirts. However if you plan to do your launching day during summertime you would have to settle for T-shirts that are made of light fabric. The kind of apparel you give out should be in accordance to the present weather.

3. Gender Studies – You should also consider the type of target audience you have. Will they be basically male or female? You might want to pick an article of clothing that would fit both sexes.

4. Color Matters – Select colors that would best fit your company name or logo. While it is fun to try on different color schemes you have to be wise about picking a design that would look appealing and eye-catchy.

Serena Doni Stalin is a corporate gifts adviser on customized apparel and custom printed apparel. Read articles by Serena Doni Stalin on how you can market your business.

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D&G S/S 2010 Advertising Campaign features Madonna

The Dolce&Gabbana spring/summer 2010 campaign captures the unseen side of Madonna photographed by Steven Klein, inspired by Neorealist Italian cinema, and its iconic depictions of strong, tender and naturally beautiful women.

The campaign - shot in New York City last month - will reveal Madonna’s interpretation of a modern day version of iconic Italian actress Anna Magnani. Madonna was photographed in a domestic setting - intimate, sensual and in constant motion – as if the images were frames from a black and white film.

The resulting photos which will appear in magazines around the globe beginning of January reveal a never before seen side of one of the world’s most famous women.

The intention of Dolce&Gabbana is to recapture a woman’s human side, showcasing through these images how a woman’s femininity and sensuality can be found through the simplicity of daily gestures along with a passion for life.

New Ecoist Coca-Cola handbags Feature Branded Coca-Cola Prints

Ecoist the company behind the original candy wrapper handbags, has just renewed its collection of handbags made from overrun and discontinued bottle labels from Coca-Cola beverage brands. The limited edition collection features designs made from Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Cherry Coke labels. Using graphical elements of the labels in distinctive and unexpected ways, the new Ecoist Coca-Cola handbags feature branded Coca-Cola prints as well as abstract patterns in various handbag shapes.

Since its launch in 2007, the Ecoist Coca-Cola partnership has prevented more than 1 million Coca-Cola labels from entering North American landfills, helping Coca-Cola get one step closer to their goal of zero waste production. In addition, the partnership has planted over 5,000 trees through the “Buy a Bag, Plant a Tree” program, a commitment to plant a tree for every bag sold.

Ecoist handbags are made using the company’s proprietary method in which the labels are cut, folded, woven and sewn together by hand. The production is 100 percent handmade by skilled artisans in Peru under certified Fair Trade practices. 

Amazing Fashion Paintings

Cotton Layering Helps Active Kids The Beat Wintry Chill

With winter’s nip now in the air, keeping your child dressed in breathable, comfortable cotton layers is the best way to beat the cold.

“Smart layering is key for keeping your children warm,” says Linda DeFranco, Director, Product Trend Analysis, Cotton Incorporated. “Cotton layers are both breathable and comfortable, and because cotton is a natural fiber, it’s perfect for children with sensitive skin.”

DeFranco advises relying on classic layering techniques, like a blue striped waffle-knit tee from Gap Kids under one of Old Navy’s Multi-Stripe Jersey Polos. For girls, long v-neck cardigans from Gap Kids can be layered with J.Crew’s whimsy waffle tops from their crewcuts line. Cotton leggings provide warmth under denim mini-skirts, and short-sleeved tunic dresses from Hanna Andersson can be layered over long-sleeved t-shirts and under lightweight cotton cardigans from L.L. Bean.

“Cotton layers are ideal for keeping your children warm when the temperature drops, but also ensures that they don’t become overheated, either,” says DeFranco. “Choose cotton basics like zippered hoodies, cardigans, and tees that can be added and removed easily, so keeping your children warm doesn’t turn into a struggle.”

Get Stylish For Santa This Christmas With Esprit!

Christmas spells cheer and a sense of excitement that transcends the mood and spirit into your wardrobe! This Christmas & New year, Esprit unveils a new collection that will make you want to dress up! With a collection that promises something for everyone from casual, sporty to sexy, the new Esprit collection is sure to keep your style quotient on the absolute cutting edge!

`Esprit Women Casual’ flaunts lacy feminine dresses, & sport chic pants to shine at a winter soiree
December being the party season, Esprit brings you two restructured classics, lacy feminine and sporty chic to shine at a winter soiree. Top textures this season are tweed and herringbone. Embellishments like sequins, sparkle and lurex with butterfly prints and raglan sleeves add a dash of sophistication. Colours get richer this month with cashmere rose, green lake and purple rain.

`Esprit Women Collection’ is a classic collection of fluid jumpsuits to sexy evening glam
‘Impulsive beauty’ defines the theme this season. One shouldered dresses and fluid jumpsuits are key styles this season taking you with ease from business chic to sexy evening glam. Chiffon and satin come in colours of prune, chrome and iced rose for luxury that’s so this minute.

`Esprit Women EDC’ has loads of sequins, sparkle and bling 

EDC this December takes inspiration from the North Pole. Warm up to accents like sequins, sparkle and bling set against the background of vibrant colours like shadow blue, horizon blue, hot pink and bright Rose. Esprit EDC collection adds a playful, sparkly accent that can be surprisingly subtle or opulently OTT, but always sophisticated. 

Fox-JEM-Awake to create Cameron's Avatar line

On December 18th, Twentieth Century Fox will release Academy Award-winner James Cameron's epic adventure Avatar. To support the film, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox Licensing) will launch one of its most innovative merchandising campaigns to date introducing more than 125 products across four key categories: video games, toys, apparel and publishing. Partnering with industry leaders Ubisoft, Mattel, JEM, HarperCollins and Abrams, Fox Licensing's line will push existing boundaries to extend the movie experience as never before.

"Avatar is truly a game changer with its groundbreaking advances that deliver a uniquely immersive cinematic experience," said Robert Marick, Executive Vice President of Licensing and Merchandising. "We've taken inspiration from the film to develop one of the most expansive merchandising lines in Fox Licensing history. We have taken its cutting edge technology and tried to incorporate the same innovation into the entire line."

James Cameron's Avatar merchandising line was developed in collaboration with the key creative drivers of the film. The hands-on approach from both filmmakers and Fox Licensing has enabled a seamless entertainment experience that extends the story and vision of Avatar beyond the big screen.

Beyond the video game, Fox Licensing's partnership with Mattel Inc. pushes the boundaries in product design by pioneering the latest technology in toys - augmented-reality - marking the first time this technology will ever appear in a retail toy product. Each action figure, vehicle and creature in the product line will come with a 3-D web tag, called an i-TAG, which consumers can "scan" using a home computer's webcam. Scanning the i-TAG will reveal special content onscreen unique to the corresponding product.

Exact content varies for each item, but could include biographical information, additional images and animated models of the figures. When the i-TAG for deluxe figures, vehicles or creatures are placed under a webcam, animated 3-D models will "come alive" through engaging, evading or defending moves. Place two i-TAGs from the "Battle Pack" together and the 3-D images will interact with each other. 

Spectacular line-up announced for iD Fashion Show

The 2010 iD Dunedin Fashion Week will close in style as popular demand sees the iD Dunedin Fashion Show expand to two consecutive nights on Friday 12 March and Saturday 13 March 2010.

Now in its 11th year, this successful community event promises to bring together a spectacular line up of designers and emerging talent on the platform of the city’s captivating Railway Station.

Key Points

• Sixteen labels will appear on stage this year, including crowd favourites Nom*D, Carlson and Mild Red. New to the iD Show is menswear label Rembrandt and Company of Strangers, who will feature alongside the ever popular Cherry Cotton Candy, twenty-seven names and Charmaine Reveley.

• Dunedin designer, Sara Aspinall formed her label Company of Strangers in early 2008 following six years working with Nom*D’s Margarita Robertson. Company of Strangers gives second hand clothing a second chance with 2010 winter collection, “Misery Loves Company”. Sara is a graduate of Otago Polytechnic.

• The 2010 Capsule Collections will see the return of Iris (Annette Cadogan), Jane Sutherland, Elusiv (Nicola Reilly) and BurtenShaw (Cheryl Burtenshaw) together with new designers Vaughan Geeson, Lou & Ash (Ava Sanders), and Lela Jacobs.

• Vaughan Geeson, originally from Southland, graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Diploma in Fashion Design. Vaughan relaunched his namesake womenswear label with a range for winter 2009 that was picked up by Japanese store, Boutique Bb. In an exciting return home, Vaughan will show his third season collection, “Winter 2010”, at the iD Dunedin Fashion Show.

• Complementing the line up of established designers will be five outstanding collections from the 2009 Otago Polytechnic Fashion School graduates. Selected from a field of 21, the graduates are: Roxanna Zamani, Sophie Hardy, Bailey Meredith, Siobhan Moroney and Brigid Steeper. The graduates will show alongside the winners from the iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards.

• The graduate selection panel was comprised of: Tim Pollock (Dunedin Public Art Gallery), Diann Waugh (Waughs), Charmaine Reveley (fashion designer) and Tania Gray (Plume).

• The Otago Polytechnic School of Fashion is renowned for helping to launch the careers of talented new designers. With the collaboration between the Polytechnic, other institutions, the city and the Dunedin Fashion Incubator (Dfi), it is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for gaining a strong foundation in design skills and practical experience needed to succeed in the fashion industry.

Fila & Susan Lucci To Develop Pilates and Fitness Apparel

Fila announced that it has partnered with interactive multi-channel retailer HSN and Emmy winning actress Susan Lucci to develop a collection of Pilates and Fitness apparel that will be sold exclusively on HSN. The collection will incorporate the performance characteristics and heritage of the Fila brand with the style of daytime diva, Dancing with the Stars alum Susan Lucci.

Susan Lucci started her partnership with HSN in 2000 with the launch of a jewelry and fragrance line and has since expanded into a multi-million dollar business which includes skincare and fitness, as well as fashion, accessories, jewelry, and now athletic apparel. Lucci credits Pilates as the reason why she is able to stay in shape despite her hectic schedule. Her Malibu Pilates program has been a huge success on HSN selling more than 44,000 units since its launch in September 2008. It was a natural progression to work with Fila to collaborate on an apparel line to complement Susan’s Malibu Pilates Program.

The collection was designed and developed with Fila’s key performance requirements of comfort and flexibility in mind, and all products are made with Fila’s unique Peached poly/spandex fabrication. The range includes a racer-back floral tank, a cut-out back long bra top, a cami tank -- all complemented by a hooded jacket and pant with contrast piping.

The tops are made with an “inside self fabric bra” and are designed to maintain an emphasis on flattering the contours of a woman’s neck and back. The pant offers a contrast band that can be folded down at the hip for a splash of color or kept at the waist for added coverage and support. Fila’s design team infused subtle feminine details into the new collection that reflect Susan Lucci’s personal style. This figure-flattering collection offers an inventive twist on traditional athletic apparel. 

Versace Previews 2010 S/S Collection At Evenings In Vogue

Loren Ridinger, Senior Vice President of Market America, hosted the hottest and most sought after invitation only event during Art Basel Miami as she welcomed Hollywood celebrities, star athletes, leaders of industry, art enthusiasts and select VIP's to her Miami Beach home this past Saturday for an exclusive fashion show where Versace previewed their new 2010 spring/summer collection.

Held in conjunction with Vogue and Versace, invited guests at "Evenings in Vogue" were treated to a stunning fashion show that included never before seen pieces from Versace's newest collection while enjoying the elegance of Loren and JR Ridinger's Miami Beach estate, Casa De Suenos. Among the invited guests who attended the event were Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Alicia and Mike Piazza, Larsa and Scottie Pippen, Vanessa Williams, Russell Simmons, Cliff Floyd, Tarek Al Fassi, Harry Morton, Prince Salman Al Saud, Michael Michele, Ana Cristina Álvarez, Inga Rubenstein, Johan Lindeberg, Robin Quivers, Ashley Gibb, Therese Gibb and Katrina Campins.

Saturday marked another successful event where Ridinger and Vogue partnered to put on Art Basel's biggest fashion show. Previously, the two joined forces in 2007 for a poolside runway show at the Ridinger's Miami Beach mansion where famed designer Alberta Ferretti showcased her spring/summer 2008 collection.

Men’s 1891 Classic Collection for S/S 2010

Glenmuir, one of Europe’s leading golf apparel brands, has launched an impressive new Men’s 1891 Classic Collection for Spring Summer 2010 comprising a range of 41 high-quality products for the discerning golfer.

For the first time, the Men’s 1891 Classic Collection incorporates the complete range of Luxury Shirts, Classic Shirts, Scottish Cashmere, Lamora Knitwear, Heavyweight and Lightweight Merino Knitwear, Supima and Supersoft Cotton Knitwear, Classic and Fashion Lambswool Knitwear, trousers and shorts.

At the helm of the Scottish-based company’s collection are five superb new polo shirts: Sotogrande, Saunton, Killarney and Downfield from the Luxury Shirts range and Irvine from the Classic Shirts range.

Glenmuir’s Luxury Shirts are a byword for comfort and quality. Sotogrande is manufactured in lustrous mercerised cotton, with cotton elastane contrast birdseye collar and cuffs, and is available in five cool and contemporary colours.

Saunton is manufactured from a double mercerised combed cotton jersey, with a subtle Herringbone jacquard pattern and contrasting collars in three colour choices: Blue/Paradise blue, Stone/White and Pearl Grey/Charcoal.

The extra long fibres in supersoft Pima cotton create a fabulous soft and fine feel in the new thin-stripe Killarney and broader-stripe Downfield shirts, which feature refreshing lilac, raspberry, grey, blue and stone colour tones.

The contemporary horizontal striped theme continues into Glenmuir’s Classic Shirts range, with the new Irvine – featuring an interlocking combed cotton fabric and cotton elastane collar with a contrast colour underside. Available colours include: Stone/Blue/White, White/Lilac/Raspberry and Paradise/Charcoal/ White.

Sustainability Inspires Apparel Recycling

From ancient tradition to high-tech innovations, fabric has undergone rapid transformations with the span of time. To sustain their slice of pie in the textile market, and attract more customers, apparel manufacturers come up with novel ideas. The current trend in selling products those goes with ecological lifestyle. Sustainable clothing is a virtuous part of ecological and growing design philosophy. Ethical practices are adopted to reduce the carbon footprint. There is an array of apparels seen in the market, made from recycled fabrics.

Recycled fashion goes together with sustainability:

Sustainable fashion supports and nourishes earth governed by the principles of organic fibres, recycling, free trade worker, and animal welfare. Recycling old fabrics is a part of the larger trend of sustainable fashion in which apparels are manufactured matching with the trends of environmentalism and social responsibility. Various materials, once its purpose is finished, instead of dumping in the garbage are recycled, and new apparels are made.

In an exclusive interview with Fibre2fashion, Mr. Akihiro Omatsuzawa, Chief of Technical Group of Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA) says, "New recycling efforts have begun in areas of chemical fiber products using unconventional processes that take advantage of product characteristics, for instance, re-melting fiber to produce finished products or chemically decomposing and restoring it to the raw material stage."

Wear your coffee after drinking it!

Most of the times grounded coffee beans are thrown into the garbage, or sometimes are used as fertilizer. A new process has emerged in the fabric market, wherein; waste grounded coffee beans have witnessed a creative application in making recycled fabrics. Grounded coffee beans are converted into yarn, which is woven into shirts. The squandered coffee bean powder is transformed into interlaced fibers, which is made into fabric, and is tailored into garments. Garments are manufactured in many styles of knitted, woven, and soft shell fabrics. Two T-shirts can be made from one cup of coffee.

Attractive T-shirts from old PET bottles:

Recycled plastic bottles can now be produced into fibres, which can be used in making apparels and home textiles. Old and thrown away plastic bottles go through a number of processes before they are finally converted into fabrics and reach the racks of the clothing store.

Maria Sharapova To Try Her Hand At Fashion Designing

Former world number – 1 tennis player and model, Maria Sharapova has displayed her intentions to design fashion clothing rather than do modeling.

She said, "I love designing and also love the fact that it's very creative and since the world of tennis has opened up many doors, I intend to explore all of them”.

She added by saying, “And designing fashion clothing is certainly one of them and I definitely hope that after my tennis career, I will be able to expand on that."

Currently Sharapova who is ranked 14th has attracted a host of fans on courts and outside the courts through modeling and mainly due to her attractive looks.

She expressed this desire in Santiago, Argentina where she is scheduled to play an exhibition tennis match titled ‘Beauty Challenge’, against Argentina’s Gisela Dulko. 

Torrid & Priscilla Renea to host Nationwide Event

Torrid, the destination for curvy fashion in sizes 12+, Capital Records and Priscilla Renea, are excited to announce the release of Jukebox featuring her the hit single “Dollhouse”. To celebrate, Torrid stores nationwide will host listening parties where shoppers can preview and purchase the album. 

The first 25 shoppers to arrive at the listening party will also receive a special goodie with their album purchase.

What: Torrid Exclusive Priscilla Renea Listening Party
When: Saturday, December 5th, 2009, 3-6 p.m.
Where: All Torrid stores

Plus, Priscilla Renea will be making VIP appearances at the following Torrid locations:

• Saturday, 12/5 at 6 pm: 4- 5 pm: In-store meet/greet at Torrid Franklin Park- 5001 Monroe Street Toledo, OH 43623 (419) 472 - 8595

In partnering with Priscilla Renea, Torrid is providing young women VIP access to on-trend fashion and music. Hope to see you there! 

Fashion Designer Jobs Set To Increase By 5% Through 2016 – ESMOD

Fashion designer jobs are expected to increase 5 per cent through 2016 as consumers continue to seek innovative apparel concepts, according to the French Fashion University Esmod(FFUE) in Dubai.

The Princeton Review, a US-based standardized test preparation and admissions consulting company, reports that 92 per cent of all fashion designers stay in business after two years of working professionally. It adds that around 2.8 per cent of all working designers in the US are fashion designers, and that nearly one quarter of fashion designers are currently self-employed.

Budding fashion designers are attracted to the allure of the international fashion empire, with its trendy red carpet premieres, eye-candy window displays and big-time trademarks. Around a quarter of all fashion designers are self-employed, setting their own hours and choosing their customers to come up with their own niche market. Consumers, especially those from growth markets such as the Middle East, remain attracted to fresher fashion designs, thus sustaining demand for new talents.

Tamara Hostal, Director and Founder of FFUE, said: “Many of our graduate students have found their place with renowned global fashion brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Elie Saab, Victoria’s Secret, Givenchy and Swarovsky, while others have opted to establish their own fashion brands. The Middle East has remained an important market for fashion brands, boasting some of the world’s best fashion malls and fashion minds. Dubai in particular is rapidly evolving into a fashion hub, so we can definitely expect demand for fashion designers to continue climbing in the coming years.”

Today’s fashion experts need to hone more than their artistic abilities to stay on top of the industry, though. They also need to develop their business smarts and have a firm grasp of the trade as it gets more corporate driven. Designers need to work hard and stay regularly updated on the latest and returning consumer tastes and trends; this requires constant checks on commercial and professional fashion literature. Their profession runs the whole gamut of designing, showing and producing all types of clothing, from bathing suits to evening wear.

Bodyfashion Trendbook holds forth on versatility of Nilit yarns

NILIT announced its new trend concepts for bodywear and active-sports wear for Fall-Winter 2011-2012 which will be presented in the NILIT BODYFASHION TRENDBOOK.

Faced with pressing environmental and socials challenges in today’s world, a new creative energy is emerging from the global economic crisis. There is no time to waste when it comes to redefining products and reassessing the conventional framework in which we have been thinking. Crises may challenge us, but at the same time they open windows of opportunity for change. In these difficult times, what buttons can we press to achieve success? Remaining one step ahead is the goal and innovation is the key.

Let Nilit’s wide variety of state-of-the-art yarns become your dynamic partners in creativity and inspire you to meet the challenge to reinforce your product’s value by using an approach focused on innovation.

Nilit’s innovative power and commitment to quality sets the standard for nylon 6.6 performance yarns world-wide. Nilit’s unique combination of consistent customer orientation and leadership in innovation and technology is the corner-stone of its success.

ECO-DESIGN, SENSUAL LUXURY, COLORFUL FLEXABILITY, DYNAMIC VERSATILITY, WELLBEING & COMFORT and ENVELOPING PROTECTION are today’s mega-trends which inspire yarn technology and innovation. The NILIT Trendbook recommends the yarns needed to create the dynamic products which will lead the fashion trends for the coming season.

The Trendbook defines three BODYWEAR trends for FALL-WINTER 2011-12 and highlights the yarn innovations best suited to these trends:

COUNTRY LANDSCAPE (ECO-DESIGN) A traditional rustic look conjures a landscape of limitless combinations of unusual mixes of color and natural textures inspired by the English Countryside.

An essential challenge today is to respond to environmental concerns and the future of the planet by finding a way to fuse protection, well-being and ecology. To meet the global awareness of eco-friendly processes and create deep uniform colors, products are created using NILIT EcoCare recycled yarns.

Union Textile Minister Eyes $25 bn Apparel Exports by 2012

The apparel export industry provides employment to 2.5 million workers directly, and three million indirectly, earns foreign exchange of Rs.50,000 crore annually and the need of the hour is to raise the level of exports to US$ 25 Billion by the year 2012, said Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, Union Textile Minister while giving away the apparel exports awards and life time achievement awards.

The Textiles Minister said that approximately half of our textiles production is exported and textiles exports contribute 13.5% to country’s merchandise exports. Still our presence in international textiles trade is minimal. The prime reason for our low share in international trade is the pre dominance of low value items in our export baskets and our insignificant presence in man-made textiles which predominate in textiles trades with a 70% share.

We have to work on our strength and convert them into competitive edge to exploit the opportunities offered by the free market economy, while weaknesses hindering our growth have to be eliminated or their impact minimized through a well defined initiatives, whether they may fiscal, technology driven or policy or market interventions to emerge as a strong international cost and quality competitive textiles economy, said Thiru. Maran.

The Textiles Minister said that Indian textiles and apparel exports, which are currently US$ 22 billion, are expected to register four folds increase to touch US$ 90-100 billion in the next twenty five years. Approximately 60% of Indian exports of textiles and over 70% of clothing are to USA and EU 27 markets, and there is an urgent need to broaden product mix and explore new markets, while maintaining and increasing Indian textiles and clothing(T&C) share in core markets through product innovation and diversification, said Thiru. Maran.

To diversify the T&C exports and reduce dependence on USA and EU 27, the Government is promoting exports to Japan, South East Asia and Australia under its ‘Look East Policy’, said the Minister. 

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