‘Teen Power’ Teen Models for Apparel Brand Building

Teenagers form the major part of the global population. With the growing influence of teen marketing, what is their role in building apparel brands?

Earlier, the costumes of teenagers were decided by their parents. But in the current days trend, teens like to shop for their garments themselves. Apart from this social metamorphosis, increasing number of teenagers are getting employed. Boom of BPOs which offer the facility to work in the night shifts, give preference for employing youth. This is mainly due to the nightshift, and the nature of the job which has a major requirement of young blood. Thus with a good amount of regular income on hand, and no family expenses to take care of, the entire earning of these youngsters becomes their pocket money.

Clothing industry is a competitive dome. Businesses should formulate the right marketing mix to sustain their brand image in this cut-throat competition. Apart from the price and product quality, right models to promote the product play a crucial role in determining the commercial success of a product. With the teen population comprising a major segment, many companies today are actively hiring teen models, mainly targeting the youngsters. They employ teen models to create the best image they are seeking.

In an exclusive interview with Fibre2fashion, Rabih Kayrouz, a leading designer from the Lebanese fashion industry says, I strongly believe in young blood and as a result I have selected four graduates who are getting complete guidance in not only creating collections but also on how to develop the business plan as it is extremely important for building the brand in future.

Teen models are bestowed with good physical attributed that is mainly required to boost the image of apparels. Fresh and free from fame and pride, they are easy to work with, compared with adult models. Apparel industry can utilize their services at much affordable rates to portray their brand image, and as a medium of establishing quick and long term relationships with customers.

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Nike launches environmentally-friendly football apparel

Many of the world's leading players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho and Ji-Sung Park will take to the pitch in South Africa this summer wearing the most environmentally-friendlyand technologically-advanced kit in football's history. For the first time, all of Nike's national teams, including Brazil, Portugal and The Netherlands, will be wearing jerseys made entirely from recycled polyester, each one produced from up to eight recycled plastic bottles. Nike unveiled the new national team kits with several footballers at a global media event at Battersea Power Station in London.

"This summer in South Africa Nike will give footballers an edge by providing the newest and most innovative product for the game's greatest players," said Charlie Denson, President, Nike Brand. "With announcement, we are equipping athletes with newly designed uniforms that not only look great and deliver performance benefits, but are also made with recycled materials, creating less impact on our environment."

To make the 2010 national team kits, Nike's fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites and then melted them down to produce new yarn that was ultimately converted to fabric for the jerseys. 

Trudy's Dedicates Fashion Show To Real Women With Real Curves

Not every bride is a "perfect 10." In fact, sizes 14 and 16 are the two most common sizes ordered, according to designers at Enzoani, one of the country's leading bridal manufacturers. 

Even in California, where women are seemingly obsessed with squeezing into their skinny jeans, plus sizes in bridal are ordered daily. And that's exactly why Trudy's Brides of Campbell, Calif., is hosting a totally new kind of fashion show - one dedicated to real women with real curves.

The runway extravaganza will feature Enzoani's "Gorgeous With Curves" collection, a unique and luxurious line of gowns that specifically flatter fuller figures. 

The event will take place March 7, noon, at the Aperture Studio right next to Trudy's Brides in Campbell's Pruneyard Shopping Center. Attendees will have the opportunity to try on the gowns they've seen immediately after the show, plus receive a special incentive to order that day.

"When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, there are many options for those ladies who are anything but petite," says Trudy Blechman, the store's owner. "The fact that most brides aren't fitting into a size 6 is significant because there's this perception that all the beautiful gowns are for super-slender ladies. It's just not true, and our fashion show will prove it."

With over 30 years' experience in bridal retail, Trudy has often heard these customers comment on their sizes and shapes. However, today's fuller-figured brides simply want to look fantastic - just like anyone else. And yet these ladies usually assume that their options are limited to modest styles or those designed to conceal certain aspects of their bodies.

Recession: Catalyst for retail enhancement

Retailers cannot afford to wait for the recession to end in their quest to improve sales and profitability. Necessity to change is particularly critical for store-based retailers with the world of e-commerce irreversibly changing the dynamics of store shopping.

The ease of purchasing online is simpler than making a store visit to buy a product. Store-based experience is now critical in a way it has not been for many years.

Stores need to look at how to tie in the customer, enticing them to buy on the spot rather than just look and then buy online from the alternative cheapest source, or encouraging them to buy subsequently from their own online site.

Examples of retailers who offer distinctive customer experiences must be considered in setting the in store environment.

For example; bargain (TK Maxx), entertainment (Build-a-Bear workshop, Hamleys), expertise (Apple, ELC), lifestyle (Whole foods Markets), hedonism (Godiva Chocolatier, Agent Provocateur) and design (Prada).

This is about ensuring processes are efficient, costs are minimized and hard measures are in place to ensure that the business is on track. 

Baycreek recalls children's hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Hooded Sweatshirts

Units: About 1,900

Distributor: Baycreek Inc., of New York, N.Y.

Hazard: The sweatshirts have a drawstring through the hood which can pose a strangulation hazard to children. In February 1996 CPSC, issued guidelines (which were incorporated in to an industry voluntary standard in 1997) to help prevent children from strangling or getting entangled in the neck and waist drawstrings in upper garments, such as jackets or sweatshirts.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: This recall involves Attitude Gold children’s hooded sweatshirts in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. The sweatshirts were sold in beige, blue, charcoal gray and black and have a random distress designs. Style number ZZJ-2J, ZZJ-01J, ZZJ-04J or ZZJ-5J is printed on the hangtag.

Sold at: Burlington Coat Factory and Modecraft Fashions stores nationwide from October 2008 through June 2009 for about $25.


ShaToBu Helps Women Fit Workout Into Her Day

In the biggest shapewear news since the invention of the girdle, Mayfair Tech, Inc. introduces the first-ever shaper proven to burn calories when worn during everyday activities. Scientifically developed by chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron and shown to burn up to 12 percent more calories, ShaToBu - The Workout You Wear, is a new kind of shapewear that effortlessly shapes, tones muscles and burns calories as women go about their daily routine.

Fusing fashion with fitness, the seamless resistance band technology in ShaToBu makes muscles work a little harder during natural movement, thus burning more calories. With benefits that extend beyond ordinary shapers, ShaToBu not only gives an instantaneously sleeker silhouette, but women can also see and feel a difference in their bodies with regular use over time.

“I originally had the idea for this garment as a way to help my patients perform their exercises effortlessly,” said Dr. Perron. “After more than three years of development and scientific testing at the University of Virginia, I am so excited ShaToBu is now available to all women who want to increase the impact of their everyday movements.”

ShaToBu was designed with all-day comfort in mind, because the more a woman moves in ShaToBu, the greater the benefits. Specially-designed, non-binding waist and leg bands prevent rolling, cutting or bulging. An innovative fabric finish allows for breathability and dryness. Muscles are toned and calories are burned while women do everyday activities like moving about the office, going grocery shopping and walking the dog.

“Whether a woman is a new mom hoping to get her pre-baby body back, a busy professional, wanting to look great for a special occasion, or is just trying to get in better shape, ShaToBu helps her fit a workout into her day,” said Jacqueline Elman, Marketing Director for ShaToBu at Mayfair Tech, Inc.

New York Fashion Week: Phillip Lim shoots, Scores With Classic Sportswear

Phillip Lim hit it out of the park with his fall collection by returning to what he became famous for in the first place -- elevating classic sportswear pieces to must-haves with the slightest design tweaks.
In a season when nearly every designer has shown a cape, his had something extra. The first came in a blown-out, buff-colored check pattern, paired with a hot pink silk blouse with ties at the cuffs and black suede jeans with a bit of flare in the leg.
(For those who live in warmer climates, Lim's crisp white oxford button down cape shirt was a clever spin on the trend. )

Lim ticked off the sweater-dressing trend, too, offering an airy gray mohair sweater dress with a chiffon hem and a gray merino wool poncho with side lacing.

Winter shorts are a perennial for the designer, the best of which came in denim with a paperbag waist, worn with a fur-trimmed anorak. Another genius piece was a shearling "trick" coat with detachable trench details -- a design twofer.

If there was any weak link, it was the handkerchief silk dresses, with asymmetrical hems, which didn't have the heft and polish of the rest of the collection. A better evening option was the gold tweed lamé tuxedo, which had a sublime fit.

Lim also showed several "suspender skirts," which brought to mind lederhosen. Then again, if anyone has the cool-girl clients to pull them off, it's Lim.

Source : latimesblogs.latimes.com

Business Counterparts Give Jitters to Indian Apparel Industry

Not just the global economic downturn, but the growing productivity of the neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China are now giving gitters to the Indian apparel industry.

Indian apparel industry, which was hit badly by the recession, was perceived to succumb to its hold. During the past years, Indian apparel industry was known for its alley shops, and using inexpensive materials for making apparels. After the lapse of a year since the global recession started, economy is rejuvenating faster comparatively over the Western economies, now showing strong growth prospects. Currently, the country is going through a phase of rapid transformation, shedding their sweatshop image so as to compete in the global market.

Asia is in the global radar, attracting the attention of other international countries. China, India, and Bangladesh are the leading textile manufacturers and major consumers as well. Mild signs of revival are seen with export orders beginning to flow in a gradual speed. Despite all the silver linings, the industry is facing severe competition from its business counterparts like Sri Lanka, China, and Bangladesh. For the apparel industry, cost of the fabric makes almost 60% of its selling price. Increase in the cost of fabrics simultaneously result in an increase in the cost of apparels for Indian garment exporters.

Global market for textiles is changing, along with the customer tastes, and preferences making them more demanding. To grab their slice of the pie, every country and manufacturer does not miss even a small and single opportunity. They work on new strategies to remain competitive in the global market. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China are competent to export apparels at a cheaper rate compared with the export value of Indian apparels. This greatly favors the Indian counterparts, who gain the commercial benefits of exporting cheaper apparels. 


 International Apparel Expo 2010

Sergey Ermakov Debuts His Collection In Dallas

How does he do that? It's the first question asked when people see the work of award-winning Sergey Ermakov, 38, one of the biggest names in Ukrainian haute couture. While each evening gown, handbag and designer shoe is an exquisite work of art with intricate details of beading, feathers, lace and sequins, what makes his creations truly amazing is the fact that Ermakov is blind.
Ermakov was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy at age 11 and lost 95 percent of his vision. Despite his vision loss, Ermakov pursued his dream to be a tailor, followed by costume and theater design, and never lost his drive to follow his passion. He overcame the challenge of working in a very visual and competitive industry; and today is one of the most acclaimed and expensive haute couture designers in the Ukraine.
With the goal to share his story of living successfully with vision loss, Ermakov will make his American debut in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, April 16, at the Designing with a Vision runway show hosted by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Center on Vision Loss—a unique demonstration and information center that promotes independent and healthy living for people with vision loss. The posh event which includes two elaborate runway shows and a trunk show will be held at The Fairmont Dallas Hotel.
"Today, millions of blind and visually impaired Americans know independence and opportunity in their lives because of the work we do at the American Foundation for the Blind," said Carl R. Augusto, AFB president and CEO. "Sergey's success is a great example of how someone who is blind or visually impaired can live a productive, fulfilling life with the right tools, support and determination. Vision loss doesn't mean giving up your dreams."
Beauty is in the mind of the beholder and Ermakov's ability to translate his inner vision onto the runway is something to behold. "At the last Luciano Pavarotti concert in Kiev, I closed my eyes and there my new collection dawned on me. Sometimes, the starry night is the source of inspiration. For one of my Russian clients, I made a dress like that, sparkling crystals against the dark silk," said Ermakov. 


Plus One for Haiti can create a magic - USTR Ambassador

During a visit to the MAGIC Marketplace textile and apparel trade event in Las Vegas, NV, Ambassador Ron Kirk was joined by Haitian apparel manufacturer Richard Coles of Multitex, President of the U.S. Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel (USA-ITA) Julia K. Hughes, Jerry Cook, Vice President of Government and Trade Relations for Hanesbrands, Inc., and Senior Director at GAP Mark D'Sa as Ambassador Kirk announced a new initiative to assist post-earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti. The initiative, called the Plus 1 for Haiti program, will encourage U.S. brands and retailers to work toward sourcing 1 percent of their total apparel production from Haiti.

"To continue to grow Haitian apparel exports and help Haiti's economy for the long term, additional investment in and sourcing from Haiti is critical. And that is where the Plus One for Haiti program can make a difference," said Kirk. "One percent may seem small - but it means new jobs and new opportunities for the Haitian people who so desperately need forward-looking solutions in the wake of January's devastating earthquake. And critically, a coordinated effort that promises increased sourcing can encourage investors to get Haitian factories up and running again and provide the demand necessary to encourage expansion of apparel manufacturing capacity."

"Hanesbrands, Inc has stayed the course over the years with partnerships in Haiti and have provided over $2 million in near-term aid. We remain positive of our on-going ability to export millions of lbs of U.S. cotton-related products for use in Haiti," said Jerry Cook of Hanesbrands. "We are very encouraged by Ambassador Kirk's announcement. We remain very hopeful that the combined effort will encourage others to invest in the opportunities and development of critical infrastructure badly needed for sustained development."

"We applaud this initiative to create a long-term program to expand the partnerships between the U.S. apparel brands, importers and retailers and the industry in Haiti," said President of USA-ITA Julia K. Hughes. "USA-ITA will work with our member companies who already source in Haiti, and will encourage our members who are new to Haiti to participate in the Plus One initiative."

"Gap Inc. decided to source product in Haiti before the earthquake because of the quality and efficiency of the workforce and its proximity to the U.S.," said Senior Director at GAP Mark D'Sa. "The earthquake has not changed our direction and we continue to work with our vendors in Haiti as they recover. We believe in doing good while doing well."

The Plus 1 for Haiti program builds on the ongoing, collaborative effort between the Office of the United States Trade Representative and American brands and retailers through utilization of the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity Partnership Encouragement Act (HOPE II). Currently, HOPE II allows duty-free access to the U.S. market for Haitian-made apparel and other articles, with the goals of fostering stability and economic development in Haiti. Companies participating in the Plus 1 for Haiti program can utilize existing HOPE II duty-free access for Haitian-made apparel, and the pledges for increased sourcing efforts will encourage investors to get Haitian factories fully operational as soon as possible.

Buffalo to support Fersten Worldwide

Fersten Worldwide(FW), the official licensee of Fila branded Golf apparel and headwear in North America has appointed Buffalo Communications (Buffalo) to provide publicity and media-relations services for its Fila Golf Collection.

Buffalo will develop and execute a multi-platform promotional program to highlight Fila Golf’s popular aesthetic. Emphasizing the collection’s timeless sophistication, luxurious fabrics and technical features, Buffalo will position Fila Golf for consistent, high-profile editorial coverage in a wide array of fashion, lifestyle, golf and business media.

Fila’s rich history of innovative design has attracted many of the world’s most legendary athletes, including tennis stars Bjorn Borg, Tom Watson, Lee Janzen, James Blake and Kim Clijsters. With a distinct combination of style, quality, performance and value, Fila Golf heralds the sleek, elegant lines at the root of the brand for nearly a century.

“Fila is a brand with longevity and the name is synonymous with quality,” said Fila Golf principal designer Nancy Robitaille. “In customizing the line to benefit golfers, we’ve remained true to its legacy by focusing on flattering fits and unique color stories while advancing the design with twists on classic looks to form the core of any wardrobe.”

“From the Italian Alps to Wimbledon, Fila’s pioneering background offers compelling stories, and we’re excited to put our PR muscle behind Fila Golf,” says Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. “The Fila Golf collection focuses on merging form and function to exceed the needs of those who pursue athletic lifestyles.”

Embracing Fila’s tradition of enhancing an individual’s performance without hindering the natural features of the body, the 2010 Fila Golf collection blends premium and eco-friendly fabrics with moisture wicking, quick drying and antimicrobial properties, and other technical characteristics. Playing with solids, stripes and textures, the latest looks build on the brand’s famous Viva red, White and Fila Navy combination, adding shades of Aqua, Pine, Fig and Atomic Orange for an updated, modern color palette.

In conjunction with a focused, green-grass distribution model, Fila Golf is available at many of the finest resorts, clubs and courses in North America, including Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, The Broadmoor and Reynolds Plantation. In stock year-round for immediate order and program fulfillment, Fila Golf’s complete line of apparel retails from accessories to outerwear.

Catherines Plus Sizes to open 33 stores in outlet centers

Catherines Plus Sizes is proud to announce the opening of 33 stores in outlet centers throughout the country. Offering classic career and casual clothing at outlet prices, Catherines outlet locations will cater to women wearing plus sizes (16W to 34W and 0X to 5X) when doors open for business on February 10, 2010.

Carol Williams, President of Catherines, said, "We are extremely pleased to introduce Catherines in outlet centers throughout the country, providing additional shopping convenience to our customers. What's more, our expansion into outlet locations in 2010 coincides with the anniversary of our 50th year of business.

Our thriving chain originated in Memphis, Tennessee in 1960 with a single store. Following this month's planned openings in outlet centers, we will have grown to nearly 500 locations nationwide. In an environment where few retailers are expanding their store base, we are especially pleased for the opportunity to serve our customer through the growth of our brand."

Williams added, "Catherines continues to lead the industry in customer service and satisfaction. Known for our warm and friendly service, Catherines sales associates are specially trained to anticipate the needs of our customer and always put her first. Our goal is to surprise and delight her every time she walks in the door."

Martex bags Fruit of the Loom contract

Fruit of the Loom, one of the world’s most trusted brands, shows exceptional understanding of its environmental impact. As a vertical producer of apparel and a 150 year old American company, Fruit of the Loom is committed to ensuring that each piece of left over fabric cutting scrap has a second life.

Recently, Fruit of the Loom announced plans to extend its on-going waste recycling initiative with a commitment that its textile fabric waste streams be recycled into useable products.
Working with leading waste recycling firm Martex Fiber Southern Corp. of Spartanburg South Carolina, Fruit of the Loom’s domestic and Central American manufacturing plants will make sure that their textile fabric waste is being put to its best use without negatively impacting the environment.

Today, while recycling has become a priority in the textile industry, it is widely understood that vast quantities of textile waste still go to landfill. These numbers are even higher when textile waste that is downgraded into incineration fuel is included in the calculations, or is “cherry picked” resulting in the higher-end material going for quick sale and the lower price product landing in the local dump (often the producer is left unaware.) Textile manufacturers seeking to insure that their waste is properly recycled are relying on firms like Martex Fiber to handle their recycling. Martex Fiber is the largest vertical processor of its kind, offering an in-house capacity to re-fiberize fabric waste and make raw fiber, which is then used in fill products, non woven or spinning applications. Martex Fiber also converts recycled cotton fiber into yarn through its Jimtex Yarns operation in Lincolnton GA location.

“While we probably could have received more for single items on our waste list, selling all the waste to one vendor gives us the ultimate control over what happens after it leaves our factory” said Ted Goolesby Fruit of the Loom. “Martex Fiber has been a responsible partner of ours for many years. 

Colorful spring collection by Levi's X Opening Ceremony

Celebrated American icons Opening Ceremony and the Levi's brand announce a new partnership marrying Levi's pioneering spirit with Opening Ceremony's unique, creative design aesthetic. Beginning this spring 2010, Opening Ceremony and the Levi's brand will introduce new seasonal co-branded collections rooted in classic Levi's styles and updated with progressive fabrics, washes, details and twists.

Levi's Cords by Opening Ceremony, the spring 2010 collection by Levi's x Opening Ceremony, is made and produced in the U.S.A. and celebrates the craftsmanship, detail and ease of the ever-popular Levi's cords. The collection takes a modern twist on the iconic Levi's 505 jean by updating it in buttery-soft corduroy in a rainbow of colors including teal, fuchsia, lavender, olive, curry, navy and optical white.

Featuring a fit reminiscent of the 1980's slim leg 505 jean, these unisex cords offer a new and interesting reinterpretation of a favorite Levi's vintage fit. Other "new classic" corduroy pieces featured in the collection include unisex cut-off shorts, a unisex button-down shirt and Levi's trucker jackets in silhouettes for both men and women.

Inspiration for the first Levi's x Opening Ceremony collection and color story comes from the habitual spring migration of New Yorkers to the scenic upstate countryside.

Spring road trips in New York call for well-worn corduroy pants, layered tops and fitted cord jackets in saturated pastels, while colorful cord cut-offs are perfect for summertime escapes.

Levi's Cords by Opening Ceremony will launch in Opening Ceremony retail stores in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo next month. Mirroring Opening Ceremony's unique branded boutique shopping concept, the collection will be available in a special shop-in-shop installation at the Levi's flagship store in San Francisco. 

French Connection launches Ladieswear S/S collection

French Connection launches Spring Summer 10 collection, full of colour, shine and all things fine. It's a tale of two style tribes - 50's teen rockabilly's hop amongst punks from the 80's, the clash is evident on both proportions and tailoring giving a new 50's slant with graphic florals creating a softer, vintage backdrop.

The spring summer style collection sits like a back-to-school pencil case full of Caran d`Ache coloured hues - everything fresh and exciting ready for its first outing. The mix of casual to formal pieces is even, endorsing the freedom of creating an individual style with a juxtaposition of clean cut lines with softer silhouettes in fluid fabrics.

Bold electric blue blazers are worn oversized with contrasting purple lining over neon Hawaiian floral dresses and exposed zips. The double-breast blazer dress with bold gold buttons gives a nod to the 50's whilst providing a take on an 80's classic. Bold retro prints in deep jewel colours are mixed with fluro brights on high shine batwing dresses.

Trousers are a contrast of silhouettes - sharp cigarette pants in black, neon Hawaiian print or electric blue, are given gold zip detailing on the waist and ankle, to be worn with oversized shirts or bustier tops - Sandra Dee style. Pleated harem trousers in soft to touch fabrics feature throughout the range in muted tones of beige and black - contrasted with striped or draped vests. 50's rain Macs are updated in bold blue with gold branded buttons, which can be worn cropped and oversized for a more relaxed feel.

Knitwear is playful, with multi coloured liquorice Allsort stripes in short sleeve jumpers and body con skirts and a hero piece knitted dress with batwing sleeve detail.

French Connection iconic embellished dresses and mini skirts have moved on to incorporate more intricate, eclectic designs in acid brights. Fluorescent vintage floral prints adorn high waisted skirts, peplum detailed dresses, pinafores and bustiers - set against black to give them a rock'n'roll edge.

Austin Reed: spring/summer collection for women

Austin Reed’s Spring/Summer collection takes you on a city escape; from boating in the Hamptons to desert storms and safari adventures, you can expect nothing less than expertly cut suiting in lightweight fabrics and fresh summer colour palettes for a modern yet classic working wardrobe.

Womenswear is clean, contemporary and modern. Angular seams and dart detailing give traditional suiting an urban edge. Slate, crimson and ink are complemented by bold graphic prints and undertones of a relaxed neutral colour palette of chocolate, taupe and sand.

Essential items include a belted graph check mac, the cotton canvas peplum jacket with matching tulip skirt, luxurious silk graphic printed dresses, sharply tailored tonic suits and fitted shift dresses.

Party wear is bold and beautiful in a palette of crimson, raspberry and carnation. Structured couture inspired dresses in rich luxurious silks complete the working women’s wardrobe.

Austin Reed

NRF welcomes bill to rescue Haitian apparel industry

The National Retail Federation welcomed legislation intended to help get Haiti’s apparel industry back into full operation after last month’s earthquake.

“Haiti is a growing source of apparel for U.S. retailers, and at the same time U.S. stores are a market that has played a major role in building up the Haitian economy,” NRF Vice President and International Trade Counsel Erik Autor said. “After the devastation brought by last month’s earthquake, it is more important than ever that this two-way relationship be continued and expanded. This legislation will help put Haitians back to work at crucial time, and will also help provide long-term markets for their products that will help build a foundation for economic prosperity and political stability.”

Apparel is a core industry in Haiti, employing an estimated 25,000 workers and accounting for 75-80 percent of the nation’s export earnings, with 82 percent of apparel exports going to the United States. But the January 12 earthquake caused widespread damage to the industry, including one T-shirt factory where 500 people died when the building was destroyed. The apparel industry is currently operating at 50 percent of capacity as a result, and is expected to need four to six weeks to get up to 70 percent capacity, depending on repairs to electricity and water supplies.

Senators Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Bill Nelson, D-Fla., on Tuesday unveiled S. 2978, the Renewing Hope for Haiti Act. Among other provisions, the bill would extend the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act, which allows Haiti and other participating countries to export qualified apparel to the United States duty-free, through September 18, 2013, rather than allowing it to expire in October of this year as currently scheduled. The Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act of 2008 (HOPE II), which allows Haitian apparel to be made with yarn, fabric and other components sourced from the United States, free trade agreement nations or other regional trade preference partner countries under certain conditions, would be extended through 2022 rather than expiring in 2018. And the value-added rule of origin under HOPE II, which allows Haitian apparel producers who do not produce their own fabric limited access to fabric from outside the region, would be extended through 2013 rather than expiring in 2011. 

Emma Watson's New Clothing Collection

Image: Tree People.
Image: Tree People.
Harry Potter star and Brown University student Emma Watson, in conjunction with Tree People, has unveiled her new Fair Trade 100% organic cotton clothing line.

Image: Tree People.
Image: Tree People.

The teenager-geared line features ‘easy and wearable’ cotton vests, T-shirt dresses, hoodies, scarves and various linen pieces. The T-shirts have witty eco-slogans including ‘I’m not toxic’ and ‘Please don’t panic, I’m organic’.

Image: Tree People.
Image: Tree People.
Tree People works with more than fifty Fair Trade groups in fifteen countries.

Source : greenmuze.com

Supima to serve as base fabric within Lane’s tees collection

Lane Bryant is answering consumer demand for luxury cotton fashion by expanding its exclusive Supima cotton collection to include fresh new styles and colors for spring and beyond.

While other upscale retailers carry cotton blends, Lane Bryant is proud to carry 100% Supima cotton. Known as the "cashmere of cotton", Supima provides superior quality, fit and comfort in a variety of knit tees and basics that are the foundation of the Lane Bryant woman's wardrobe.

As the world's finest cotton, Supima offers incredible softness, less pilling, longer-lasting color brilliance and is 45% stronger than other cotton. Produced only in the Southwestern United States, Supima is 100% U.S. grown.

"We are very excited about our new collection of Supima cotton tees and tanks. This offering provides our customer with essentials in multiple colors. We have V and scoop necks as well as layering tanks and fashion polos," says Debbie Martin, Senior Vice President of Design and Development, Lane Bryant and Cacique.

The assortment offers 17 styles in 29 colors ranging from the popular cami to a ¾-length sleeve Henley, while a selection of prints and stripes add variety. ll styles and colors are available in store and online at lanebryant.com.

Cohesive collections offer fashionable way to support worthy causes

Los Angeles-based Multeepurpose Clothing Co. is excited to announce the launch of its first cohesive fashion collections in the United States. With a collection in Japan and piece collections in boutiques on the east coast, the company recently released its Multeepurpose 2Dye4 and Multeepurpose Diversity collections.

The 2010 fashion collections represent purpose-driven graphic tee shirts that enable consumers to express messages while enjoying trendy designs and unparalleled quality. The tee shirts offer intricate detailing; no two are the same. Their digital water-based prints are an innovative creation that gives consumers something truly unique. “We use the finest fabrics and the newest technology available on the market today to achieve a flawless end result,” says Vice President of Marketing and Production Shana Dysert. “Each item is custom treated and dyed; it is touched many times by skilled hands before it ever reaches the consumer.”

The new Multeepurpose collections are available for summer/fall 2010 delivery. Starting in March, the company will be offering exclusive advance shipments to approved retailers.

The Multeepurpose 2Dye4 collection represents themes of peace, war, history and humanity. Its design elements generally revolve around images of skulls, nuclear weapons and peace symbols. “The 2Dye4 collection shows the clash between humanity's best and worst instincts,” Dysert explains. “This collection was made to catch the eye of anyone willing to ask: ‘What, if anything, would I give my life to protect.”

In contrast, Multeepurpose’s Diversity line is a distinctive series of shirts that concentrate on the brighter side of humanity and nature. It employs elements such as doves, trees and noteworthy historical figures to address the themes of human evolution and humanity. “The designs were inspired by an intangible harmony between the similarities and differences we see between ourselves and the rest of the world,” Dysert says. 

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