Top 5 Great Hairstyles On Record Covers

First place goes to.... well, who would have thought that...tadaaaa....The Ramones!!!! Makes me laugh everytime I pull this one out!
2. Adam Green on his debut album sporting a brilliant mullet! Cute!
3. Blur, you're thinking? Well, most notably for Alex James' lopsided long floppy hairstyle that he still cultivates. He says it's inspired by "Auden". Hmmmm...
4. The B 52's for their crazy out of this world beehives and perms!
5. German band Die Toten Hosen....What the heck did they look like in 1985?!?! Look better now, although, wait a minute...some have hardly changed ;)
6. 6? I know I said 5, but I had to add Tomo01 from German band Oiro! Always one of the best hairdos around...and he doesn't do anything with it...hehe...


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