Maxi skirts – Again among teen clothing trends

Maxi skirts are yet again in the fashion clothing. You can notice many runways full of maxi skirt. It is one of the most feminine attire. Maxi skirt can be the excellent option for those who are not having right stature for maxi dresses. The print, style and color make maxi skirt look unusual from other. If you are bore of jeans, then maxi skirt is amazing alternative.

Maxi skirts are like consent for fatty women, especially for heavy bottom women. It is in full length skirt, so it covers your full legs. Women those who do not like to show their legs, maxi skirts are the finest alternative for them. Maxi Skirts are primarily known as a casual wear. It can easily replace an evening dress. You can wear maxi skirt for evening walk, any party or for shopping. It is ideal for any event.

You can wear all most anything with maxi skirt like shirt, tops, tunics blouse etc. Even you can combine and match maxi skirt with different style of top and can get special looks from same skirt. Maxi skirts have its own style and preference among the teen fashion trends.

Few talks about Maxi Skirt:

I don't have a maxi skirt, but I recently unearthed a vintage maxi dress from my mum's wardrobe and I finally plucked up the courage to wear it out yesterday (I'm very small, about 5'3", so I've always felt that a maxi would swamp me) and I got loads of compliments. I feel like I've been converted to the maxi dress/skirt trend and I am hoping to add a maxi skirt or two to my vwardrobe in the near future. So, YES, therawpower, you can pull it off! I'm shorter than you and I can pull it off. You just need to get the right fit for your body shape.

to all the shorties: maxi skirts + high waists (a la bonbonenata) are perfection! i LOVE long skirts. they sure beat all the butt-grazing minis that are out there.

Reference of these above talks within the quotes:

Sportswear Inc Goes Vintage With New Distressed Shirt Designs

Sportswear Inc, the parent company of Prep Sportswear, and the largest e-commerce provider of print-on-demand, customizable apparel serving consumers, retailers, media properties, and school and collegiate athletic departments has expanded its exclusive fan wear designs to include new vintage-style, distressed designs.

“Our goal is to provide our customer with the largest variety online of customizable designs,” said Stephanie German, Art Director at Sportswear Inc. “These latest graphic designs expand our offering bringing students, fans, and alumni everything from classic and traditional sports designs to popular, retro-inspired designs. Our vintage designs give each shirt a unique, worn-in and well-loved look.”

The new retro-inspired designs are available on short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts and can be customized to feature the shopper’s favorite sport or activity, graduation year, player number, and more. Vintage, customizable designs can be found on apparel items for high schools, teams, colleges, military bases, police and fire departments, national parks, states, and countries.

Read more at : Sportswear Inc Goes Vintage With New Distressed Shirt Designs @ Fibre2fashion

Isabel Marant Beckett Sneaker Spring 2012 Preview

While everyone is trying to fullfill their dream of the Dicker and Beckett before Christmas (I know you're absolutely mad about both, and I am mentioning them for the umteenth time now),  feast your eyes on the s/s 2012 collection! Tadaaaa...

Oh and coming up, I found the absolutely best Dicker boot look-a-like, so stay tuned!!!! To everyone else, who's really sick of'em, just ignore these posts ;)

Infinite Possibilities With Fluid Silhouettes at H&M

Tailored and fluid: these are the silhouettes that count at Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) this spring, with a mix of modern tailoring and romantic femininity that bring infinite possibilities for personal style. The sharp white suit is a key statement, softened with a jersey vest top underneath and worn with 50’s style brogues.

For a softer shape, there are kimono-style draped jackets and wrap dresses, with wide-leg trousers anchoring the trend for light volume. Mix and match the pieces in a playful way to create an individual look, finished with accessories like bangles and sunglasses in brilliant white.

"I love the well dressed, grown up mood of the season that is still easy to wear and that can be styled in so many different ways. New fabrics play an important part this season and add something new to existing shapes," says H&M’s head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson

LinkSILHOUETTE: Tailored and fluid

COLOURS: White and neutrals worn with fruit coloured accents like yellow, orange or apple green, alongside soft shades such as apricot and blue.....

Read more : Infinite Possibilities With Fluid Silhouettes at H&M @ Fibre2fashion

Bestseller Starts New Store in Kurla – Mumbai, India

Vero Moda, Jack & Jones and ONLY increase their presence in the Mumbai/Thane area with the launch of their twelfth store at Phoenix Market City Mall, Kurla. The store would house their brands Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, ONLY and Pieces.

Phoenix Market City, touted to be an upstage destination in the suburbs, ensures that consumers won’t stand a single chance to miss our brands at the mall.

The store, 7825 sq feet in size, houses men’s wear brand Jack & Jones and women’s wear brands ONLY & Vero Moda and accessory brand Pieces. The store interiors are minamilistic yet glamorous much like the outlets across the globe. Careful detailing has been put in, right from visual merchandizing to the decor to ensuring our patrons have the best European shopping experience.

Vineet Gautam, Country Head, Bestseller India says, “Our brands are synonymous with quality, individuality and style. Our focus has always been to create an international shopping experience for all our customers and what better place than Phoenix Market City in suburban Mumbai.

The exposure to International fashion that the customer can experience through our brands Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, ONLY & Pieces is immense and that’s what we want the customer to feel and get them back again and again to us”.

For more info please visit : Bestseller Starts New Store in Kurla – Mumbai, India @ Fibre2fashion

Marni for H&M Spring 2012

Now here is a cooperation to look forward to! H&M announced this today:

"H&M is proud to announce a spring designer collaboration with the Italian brand Marni. Famed for its original prints and inventive spirit, Marni is one of fashion’s most-loved labels, and its Founder and Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni has created for H&M a spring collection for both women and men which capture the essence of Marni. Available from March 8, 2012 in around 260 stores worldwide and online, the collection features both clothing and accessories all at H&M’s prices, meaning everyone will have the chance to enter Marni’s world." 

What are your thoughts on this?

SPACECAT Designs Deepfold & Kino Shorts for Yoga

The environmentally conscious sportswear company SPACECAT INC introduces its unique and versatile line of shorts for women, taking sports activities to new levels of fun, comfort and sexiness. Owner, Japanese clothing designer Yumi Miyanishi, and internationally known Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher Kino Macgregor united forces to create a new type of yoga wear called the Deepfold and the Kino Shorts, thus reinventing the common-place sports garment often seen at yoga studios and elsewhere.

Says Macgregor: “I love to wear shorts while I practice Ashtanga Yoga, and it has helped me develop much more inner strength. Instead of relying on the fabric to prevent slipping I have to find the strength from within. I also love bright colors and fun patterns, and I wear these colorful shorts so often that people asked me if I would one day make my own. So now I am happy to introduce these fun Yoga shorts in two styles designed by SPACECAT.”

They are perfect for yoga, skateboarding, rollerblading, running, biking, working out at the gym and even sexy new trends like pole dancing. SPACECAT uses technologically advanced textiles, such as the moisture-wicking Supplex, which feels as soft as cotton but prevents stickiness during perspiration, and a high-performance lining called Coolmax for faster drying and a cooling effect during the activities of today’s women.

Read more at : SPACECAT Designs Deepfold & Kino Shorts for Yoga @ Fibre2fashion

12 Fabulous Knee High Boots

Here is my selection of some classic and timeless knee high boots that one can always do with! Which one is your favourite?

Just click on the links below:

6. Zara
7. Topshop
8. Topshop BABY 70s Leather High Leg Boot
10. Chloé
12. Zara

Landmark International to launch Lipsy outlets in Middle East

Landmark International, a subsidiary of Landmark Group, has inked a multi-territory deal with British fashion label Lipsy to launch the brand in some of the major Middle East markets such as Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Lebanon.

As per the deal, it is proposed to launch the first Lipsy outlets in many Middle East countries during early next year.

Landmark International already runs franchise outlets for retail chains like Aftershock, Reiss, Koton and New Look in the region. The new collaboration to launch Lipsy’s outlets has further enhanced the company’s focus on managing and developing a portfolio of international labels.

Lipsy, which is amongst the UK’s most rapidly growing young fashion label, was acquired by Next Plc, a British retailer in 2008. As a rapidly growing celebrity fashion brand, Lipsy generates styles that are in fashion and which are sold across the globe.

Read more at : Landmark International to launch Lipsy outlets in Middle East @ Fibre2fashion

Today At The American Apparel Cologne Warehouse Sale...

Actually I'd call it a warehouse road show sale. After stops in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, now it's Cologne's turn. I must say, I was never that crazy about the leotard aerobic clad look that was happening a few years ago, but occasionally I do buy stuff at AA, mostly sweatshirts and hoodies. Their leggings are quite good, too. As Cologne is really close to Düsseldorf, I thought I'd pay it a visit. AA hired one of Colognes' biggest venues for this "event". Normally you'd go to the Palladium to see bands like The Strokes and Bloc Party perform, but today it was a clothes gig. Via Facebook AA anoounced this: 

"We'll have tens of thousands of American Apparel garments at up to 75% off. Our previous events this year have been attended by thousands of people who bring home bags and bags of great pieces at great prices. Inventory will be constantly replenished all day, every day, throughout the sale but get there early! RSVP to this event page to receive updates, tips, and be the first to know when new styles arrive!"
Up to 75% off, well this was sometimes the case, but only for the most unattractive apparel, and a lot of the garments were actually quite faulty or in colours I would never consider. I had a California fleece track hoodie in mind, but only pink and lilac and lots of faulty ones were left.
People walking away with bags and bags of pieces, crowds, cews? Where were they? Did I miss them? There were some people about, but most of them actually made up an unbelievably huge crowd of staff and security wandering around. Makes me wonder if this event is actually paying off for AA.
That said, I did find a quite nice sweater reduced from 50 to 27 Euros, so I made my way into the catacombs to pay for it. When I got downstairs, about 20 heads plus security turned towards me, standing behind 10 extra set up cash desks. None of them had anything to do. It felt like they had been waiting for me. I could only pay cash, and it took 4 attempts until they had found the proper barcode, with a "minder" instructing and watching the staff. All in all a very strange experience, I must say. Somehow, I am under the impression that it's going downhill for AA. Fashion has moved on, and it seems AA hasn't realized that yet. Looks to me like this road show sale is a huge sell off!

Me? I've been a good girl!

Christmas is not only the season of goodwill and giving, it's also the season of tacky Christmas decorations! I don't know about you, but that Angel standing in front of Mr. Santa looks a bit like Chucky with a wig on! Have a great weekend!

Latest Fashion Jacket Trends 2011

The shorter more latest fashion trends! Short black leather jacket is dynamic to outline good figure while curves show the proportion of the natural waist also stretch the lower body. Decorated with white Falbala rock with clamping ratio of different shades of colors, looks slim!

In recent times is both here in the Netherlands, misty which means not the best Photo lighting … But we did our best.
Here are the results of my appearance of the day; I wear wet look of skinny jeans ASOS, a T-shirt of Zoe Karssen on ASOS, a furry jacket from Stores, gun boots from Sacha, vintage Chanel bag, H & M hat and a ring from Beginningboutique.
Today was my first day at my internship, Addy van den Krommenacker, very exciting! I'm still very proud of the team drew up a part of such a talented and all very friendly, designer of the majority.

Latest Fashion Jacket Trends 2011

The shorter more latest fashion trends! Short black leather jacket is dynamic to outline good figure while curves show the proportion of the natural waist also stretch the lower body. Decorated with white Falbala rock with clamping ratio of different shades of colors, looks slim!

In recent times is both here in the Netherlands, misty which means not the best Photo lighting … But we did our best.
Here are the results of my appearance of the day; I wear wet look of skinny jeans ASOS, a T-shirt of Zoe Karssen on ASOS, a furry jacket from Stores, gun boots from Sacha, vintage Chanel bag, H & M hat and a ring from Beginningboutique.
Today was my first day at my internship, Addy van den Krommenacker, very exciting! I'm still very proud of the team drew up a part of such a talented and all very friendly, designer of the majority.

Cambodia’s Garment, Textile Exports on Possitive

A positive trend has been witnessed in garment and textile exports from Cambodia, till October this year. The Kingdom’s garment and textile exports, with a year-on-year rise of over 30 percent equalling to US$ 880 million, surged to US$ 3.47 billion, the Ministry of Commerce figures revealed.

As stated by the Ministry officials, garments continue to be in demand in the European Union and in the United States in spite of the two western economies being confronted with economic downturn and sovereign debt crisis. Being low-priced is a key factor which has helped in sustenance of the Kingdom’s garment and textiles industry.

Kong Putheara, Director of the Commerce Ministry’s Department of Statistics said the Kingdom’s garment and textile industry caters to the needs of ordinary low and medium income group people, and added that though earnings of people in this class was slightly hit by the debt crisis, the low-cost of products have helped to sustain the buying power of this class.

Fore details please visit us at : Cambodia’s Garment, Textile Exports on Possitive @ Fibre2fashion

Sri Lankan garment industry unaffected by Western economic crises

Sri Lankan apparel industry has remained unaffected by the financial crisis that has gripped some of the Western nations, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, John Rankin has said.

Addressing the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters’ Association (SLAEA), he said in spite of the debt crisis affecting some of the Western economies, UK still remains Sri Lanka’s second-most leading trading partner in terms of volume and added that the prospects for mutual trade between the two economies remains positive.

He stated that Sri Lanka can establish itself as a logistics centre for garment producers all across the region.

He revealed that there are more than 100 firms in Sri Lanka that have a UK connection as they have clothing majors like Tesco, Next, Marks and Spencer and Triumph as their importers. Moreover, UK firms continue to view Sri Lanka as a key sourcing destination for importing premium quality clothing at reasonable prices.

For more details : Sri Lankan garment industry unaffected by Western economic crises @ Fibre2fashion

Zara TRF & Young Evening Lookbook 2011

If you are looking for some beautiful and on trend evening wear for the upcoming party season, take a look at Zara's TRF & Young Evening Lookbook. They seem to get it right every time! 

Li-Ning and C&A going ‘toxic-free’

Greenpeace welcomed the 'Joint Roadmap' (1) published by international clothing companies Adidas, H&M, Nike and Puma, as an important step towards the elimination of all releases of hazardous substances from the brands' supply chains and products by 2020. Greenpeace also welcomed moves by fast-fashion retailer C&A and Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning, whose individual 'Detox' commitments (2) allowed for their credible participation in the Roadmap.

"Now that fashion leaders have sketched out their designs for a toxic-free future, they need to transform these into ready-to-wear collections that will bring about large-scale change in the fashion sector," commented Martin Hojsik, Detox Campaign Coordinator at Greenpeace International.

The Joint Roadmap outlines how the companies will deliver against their 'Detox' commitments (3) and includes details on the development of tools to monitor the release of hazardous chemicals, green chemistry initiatives and pilot projects for the elimination of certain chemicals. However, Greenpeace is challenging all of the companies to respond with more urgency to the problem of toxic water pollution, by publishing shorter and more concrete timelines for the elimination of the most hazardous chemicals (4).

Read more at : Li-Ning and C&A going ‘toxic-free’ @ Fibre2fashion

The Knitted Turban

ASOS £12.00
ASOS 15,65 €
VERDEL £202.21
ASOS 19,57 €

Anat Fritz 159,00 €
Anat Fritz 159,00 €

With temperatures gradually decreasing, I've been thinking of what to wear on my head this winter, because I am not a person who can go out in below zero temps without a protected head. I major freeze!  A little bored of normal knitted hats and beanies, I like the wool and felt fedoras, but they don't really keep my ears warm. I am quite liking the turban trend though, it is a subtle but fashionable alternative, and I spotted some fabulous knitted ones at Asos, Verdel and Anat Fritz. There are lots of varieties and colours and I think I might try one of them. The Asos Turbans are quite inexpensive so you could get them in different colours. The one from Verdel is made of 100% cashmere, and the Anat Fritz Turbans are handmade.

Luxury & Elegance in Zegna Holiday Collection : Its Awesome

Ermenegildo Zegna launches holiday collection. Exquisite leather wallets, alligator and calfskin bags, handcrafted leather accessories with classic engraved emblems. These simple and stylish Christmas gifts are specifically designed for today’s discerning man. The Ermenegildo Zegna holiday collection includes a carefully selected mix of fine leather accessories, cashmere-lined slippers, contemporary bags, ultra-light rubber-soled shoes and ankle boots that are perfect compliments to any winter wardrobe.

The complete line of Ermenegildo Zegna leather goods and accessories features carefully selected premium leathers that provide unparalleled softness and contemporary finishes for a sophisticated personal style.

For the man who appreciates discreet elegance at work, play or on the go, Zegna proposes its new iPad sleeve in genuine dark brown deerskin leather with anti-scratch suede lining and the classic Ermenegildo Zegna logo in soft leather. Alternatively, consider a leather key case, a vertical wallet with 12 credit card slots or Zegna’s hand-stitched deerskin gloves with grey cashmere lining. All of which are available in dark chocolate brown deerskin and display the hallmark quality and excellent workmanship of Zegna’s leather accessories.

For more information please visit : Luxury & Elegance in Zegna Holiday Collection : Its Awesome : fibre2fashion

Fashion Talk - Is Belts Necessity or Fashion?

Belts are the important part of men clothing, in past few decades belts become crucial part of women clothing as well. From the start of 20th century when men start using trousers belts were generally used. Before that belts were used by military men only. Belts were used to give the wearer trim figure and opens the soldiers chest wide.

Belts have been used by men and women since the Bronze Age. The main purpose of belts is to hold the cloth with the waist, but in the world of fashion, the need of a person made with a new appearance and designs. Similarly some of the women belts are designed only for great look. It has become very significant part of our clothing, now a day people use belts according to the fashion and its very stylish these days. Belts fashion varies for men and women. Women belts have an open range of making stuffs and designs, Women Belts may be made of leather or Elastic belt. Now both males and females are more unease about belts these days in their clothing. Since 19th century to world war1 belts decorative as well as use as the part of the uniform like in army uniforms, police officers uniform etc.

In a nut shell, Belts Necessity or Fashion, it is an important part of men or women clothing. We might not say Belts Necessity or Fashion, but Belts Necessity and Fashion.

Marc Jacobs' Entire S/S 2012 Collection Stolen In Transit

Marc Jacobs s/s 2012
Marc Jacobs s/s 2012

Marc Jacobs may now officially be called a "fashion victim". Last night CNN reported that Marc Jacobs's entire s/s 2012 collection had been stolen of a train in transit from Paris to London. The collection included 46 looks of yet to be produced samples and was on its way to a European press day in London that had to be called off. Now, who knicked it? Is it already on its way to be mass produced in some factory far away or could this even be a publicity stunt? Speculations are running wild...

H&M Designer Collaboration Ramble

Versace for H&M
Versace for H&M

Getting excited about the Versace for H&M collection? I like colour, but I guess you have to be a proper Versace girl to get all excited about this one, with all due respect to hugely creative Donatella Versace, who is running an empire and seems a very kind person. However, there was one dress that caught my attention, namely the blue silk figure-hugging pinafore dress. Yes, it's not all loud and kitschy and I reckon this one is going to be a hit!
The Last collaboration I personally got really excited about was Stella McCartney. It was H&M's second collabo with a designer after Karl Lagerfeld (the one where sizing only went up to a 38 (UK10), because he didn't want to see "big" people in his designs). I remember going to H&M in my lunchbreak to check out the collection - it was mayhem! The shopfloor was a battlefield. People were raking in the stuff regardless of size and item, only to sell them on ebay for more than double the price. The stuff was all over the place. My pick from the floor from the collection was a fabulous 100% Wool Blazer, nipped in at the waist with a belt and a stand up Mao collar. It's such a great quality and fit, I am wearing it to this day! Then last year, there was Sonia Rykiel. One of my favourite French Designers, who always manages to make quirky Parisian wearable clothes and fun knits. No more battles on the shopfloor in this case, as you could check out and buy the collection online. 
Actually, I haven't bought anything from these collaborations for a long time. It was exciting in the beginning, but it's wearing off now. There are others that I find more interesting, like the J+ for Uniqlo collection, that is sadly coming to an end. And I am curious, as to how Mary Katrantzou's designs for Topshop will translate to a mass market next year!

Who would you like to see collaborate with H&M in future?

For everyone else, H&M is surprisingly doing another collaboraitis collaboration, slightly on the rougher side, with costume designer Trish Summerville, who was responsible for the designs in Stieg Larsons "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Inspired by antihero Lisbeth Salander, the collection features leather biker jackets and pants, casual tops and accessoires and will be available in the Divided departments from December 14th. I guess, there is no need to go for the whole bikerchic look as in the advertisement, but if you pick a jacket or a pair of pants alone, then I think there might be some nice pieces to team with the rest of your wardrobe. Take a look:

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