To UGG Or Not To UGG?

source: Wall Street Journal, photograph by Stephen Lewis

It's that time of year, when they are gradually waking up from summer hibernation. The ubiquitous UGG boot. Taken out of their natural habitat, I know, that Australians (and probably the sheep as well) laugh their heads off at us wearing them out in the cold, especially in the snow, whereas Aussies, would never be seen in them outside their homes, dead or alive. With one exception though - the beach, to keep those feet warm after surfing. Because, little did we know, ice and wet weather don't do them or us any good. Wear UGGs in the rain and they will soak up the water like a sponge, and anyone who has worn them in the snow and hasn't nearly broken their leg....well, keep your fingers crossed! Not to mention the trashy fake UGGs you mostly see kids slumping about in (you know, the cheapo versions, where the top of the shoe rides over the sole, because there is no heel support, plus, bad soles that wear off quickly and make them walk slanted). Not only have the cheap ones upped the trash factor, but also the ultra expensive studded versions available at Jimmy Choo last year - they made me speechless. Then there is the UGG vs. Emu group, that will be able to tell you all about the pros and cons of each label (google it and you will be amazed). All made in China anyway, albeit with Aussie sheepskin. And what do you think of men wearing them? 
That said, I do rely on them in dry and cold weather, the classic short chestnut coloured version, that does save my feet from going blue. Ugly? A little. Cute? Well, yes, if you haven't got boat sized feet that make you look like a Yeti, then I think they are. AND they are sooooo comfy! Do men like them? What the heck, who cares...mine even likes Harem pants, so I cannot speak for others! 

What's your opinion on UGG boots?


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