Fashion for the Legs - Global Hosiery Market Sees An Upswing

Fashion gives much focus on shape and structure enhancement. Hosiery, basically a leg wear, has become an integral part of fashion apparels. Hosiery includes tights (called pantyhose in US), stockings, knee and ankle-highs known as socks, opaques, sheers, and several others. Though popular among men and women, the latter segment dominates more than 80% of the global hosiery market. Targeting youth more, it makes a perfect addition for any clothing; be it a tube skirt or an oversized sweater.
Fashion for the Legs, Leg WearChanging nature of lifestyle is bringing in a sea change in the hosiery industry. Indians spend approximately USD27 a year for clothes, of which hosiery accounts for 0.9%. France, which makes just 1% of the global population, spends USD547 on clothes of which 6.3% is on hosiery.


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