Pre Fall Collections 2012! Stop! Rewind! Pre Fall?

Celine Pre Fall 2012
3.1 Phillip Lim Pre Fall 2012

Stella McCartney 2012
Chloé Pre Fall 2012

Pre Fall 2012? What are you talking about?! It's not even proper Winter yet and here are the Pre Fall 2012 collections popping up everywhere! Come on! What is this? "Pre Fall" like the "Cruise" or "Resort" collections is an interseasonal collection that hits the shops in May. The smaller Pre Fall collections may be regarded as a teaser to the proper autumn/winter collections that are shown in March and are available before, well, fall. They don't involve the usual hustle and bustle of runway shows as the clothes are presented on static models. With Pre Fall the fashion industry cleverly bridges the gap between the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Whereas the resort collections have a raison d'être (jetting off to warmer climates during winter months), I guess the pre fall collections were created to secure the fashion houses' cash flow and get those credit cards bending in between the big seasons, and also give those editors and bloggers something to write about (great fillers if you don't know what to write about)! And living in the Northern Hemisphere where the weather doesn't change that dramatically year round, this is stuff you can wear regardless of seasons. Actually I admit it's quite wearable stuff. Confused? I bet! Do I sound like I'm talking to myself? Oh well, here is a small edit of my faves.


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