The Lacoste Revolution

Maybe it's time to grow up, or maybe not just yet! Lately I can't seem to get this Lacoste Live Varsity Jacket out of my head. It keeps popping up everywhere I turn my head. Normally I am absolutely no fan of big obvious Logos strewn over clothes, hell, I am not even a big label freak, I go for the look and feel of things and am very much influenced by music. Now the Logo of these Lacoste Live Jackets is like totally in-your-face but somehow I am liking it (unlike the super sized Ralph Lauren polo player..Yuck Yuck). I really don't mind a Lacoste crocodile, I have got some ancient polos way back in my cupboard (don't know whether the croco is looking in the right direction though, after all they were from Morocco), it breathes Roland Garros to me (Henri Leconte used to wear these), and I think I'd make this blown up crocodile some shades! Lacoste Live is taking the classic pieces and giving them a twist. Or let's put it like this: Lacoste is getting young, fresh and street savvy! You will find classic polo shirts, but with a leopard collar! Not a bad job Lacoste, you are making me go check it out in the flagship store, so you are obviously doing something right by attracting folks who are not into playing golf anytime soon...


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