Where shopping experience becomes a science

There are two important moments that manipulate a customer, and motivate him to take the buying decision. One is the time when the customer is taking the apparel off the rack, and second is the time when he or she tries it on in the fitting room. Retailers are putting their efforts to making the shopping experience more enticing and cherishable for the customers by giving more choices in the fitting room. New technology offer customers to shop for clothes that are fit and flatter.
A wall that turns opaque giving privacy to the customer when he wants to try the clothes on, and turns transparent when he wants to show off his outfit to his friends...technology has come up with interactive dressing rooms in retail outlets. Shopping time of the customer is reduced with the advent of size matching machines that take out the customer's measurements within seconds, which makes the shopping process, easier, get clothes with much better fit, and less time consuming. Interactive mirrors, 3D scanning of body measurements, and holographic sales people; all these may seem to be like a part of a science fiction movie, but is now in reality, and would be an integral part of shopping in the near future. 
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